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Skipton is a location in Thales. It was once a large industrial city, home to Wellington Robotics. Before the second Great War, it had a population of approximately 250,000 humans, which has dwindled down to less than 400.


Skipton is a nearly-abandoned city in Northern Thales.

  • Many factories, including the old Wellington Robotics factory.
  • The Ackerman Militia's base, where they operate.
  • A shantytown of roughly one hundred squatters living in the streets and abandoned buildings.


During the late AT era, former Alchemilia Corporation employee Andrew Wellington ran a robotics factory in the city. Despite having success at building androids, this luck ended when the second Great War started. During a climatic moment in the war, angels and demons troops destroyed most of Skipton, including the factory.

The remaining parts of the city were spared when the Ackerman Militia managed to join the battle and drive the two forces out. The Wellington Robotics factory remained mostly uninhabited after this, aside from Charles Wellington being banished there and squatters using the place as a temporary home.

Since then, the city has become a base for the Ackerman Militia, as they are unable to operate in their home city of Silivia.