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The Silivia Cognitive Science Center is a location in The Demon's Light. It is a large research facility that studies neuroscience, with its most recent experiment being a new amnesiac treatment.


The laboratory is a large, spacious building with angled architecture and modern design. It is capable of holding about three hundred people. The building's exterior has a great deal of glass, intertwined with black bricks.

The building is separated into three floors, with the first two being much larger than the third. The building's first floor is massive and houses the workstations of the assistants. It is filled to the brim with tables, computers, and laboratory stations. The walls are decorated with photographs of Euclidean geography. There is a medium-sized booth on the first floor that has vending machines. In one of the floor's rooms, a white, clay model of "Edessa" is stored. It is a city modeled by laboratory assistants.

One of the major features of the first floor is two, large curved glass staircases that lead to the second floor. Other than housing more laboratory stations, this level is where the Allucinor is stored. It is usually placed within shut-off rooms with many beds, allowing subjects to have a quiet sleep. There are five offices behind frosted glass doors.


  • Samuel Brownlee (director)
  • Blossom Cane (assistant)
  • Marena (assistant)
  • Matthew Rockwell (head assistant)
  • Piett (culinary and janitorial assistant)
  • Rachel Ariel (assistant)



  • During the holiday of Harvest Moon, the laboratory operates as an eatery for a variety of Silivian deserts. The laboratory's stuffed marshmallows with chocolate are popular with locals.