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Silivia is a city-state in Thales, as well as one of the largest and most modern cities on Euclid, with a population of 950,000 humans. Located in eastern Thales, the city has formed a unique bond with its largest neighbors, Gladea and Port City. The three cities often trade with one another and form a "triangle" of Alchemilia Corporation's power - with embassies in all three locations. Theodore Rosington is the governor of Silivia, and has been in power since 317 TP.

Despite the ongoing war, Silivia manages to keep the appearance of an ordinary life. Residents are able to enjoy relatively peaceful lives, attend schools and colleges, hold regular jobs, and have access to the latest technology.

Residents generally speak the Locrian language and the city uses the Global Union phoenix for currency.


Silivia is an old city, with its origins dating back centuries before the war. While the area was originally believed to be home to various nomadic tribes before Xeren blessed Thales with greenery, the area was abandoned and a deep forest by the time Anderson Novac led an expedition into the area.

Hoping to develop the area into a developing town for his home country of Arifti, Novac's team demolished the forest around them and created a small territory. Novac named the land Silivia after his deceased mother. Located beside the river Antae, Silivia quickly turned into a small fishing community. As the land continued to be exploited for Arifti's benefit, more people relocated to the area and the size of the territory continued to expand.

A century later, Silivia was one of the largest cities in Arifti. Eventually, the nation of Arifti fell and dissolved into chaos as civil war erupted. Due to the size of Silivia, the city was able to survive the dissolution of the nation and fended off various attacks by neighboring cities and communities.

The city continued to grow as more people immigrated to Silivia. With its increased size, the city led an assault on the communities that had previously attacked them and captured all of them, ending the civil war in the region. While Silivia could have formed a large new nation, its leaders decided to end their occupation and officially declare Silivia as an independent city-state.

The occupied communities would respectively form into Gladea, Jasinski, Polswich, Port City, and Skipton. The new city-state of Silivia would prosper in the region, and modernize as time continued.

Government and military

The current governor of Silivia is Theodore Rosington, a man in his early forties. Governors are elected by direct popular vote, to a single ten year term. Legally, governors hold a large amount of power as they are able to shape and create legislation and control the city's funding and military. As the head of Silivia, the governor has a seat in the Global Union.

During an election, gubernatorial candidates generally run on a party platform, with a running mate. The current Lieutenant Governor is Ibrahim Dan.

The city has a supreme court, and legislature is generally created and voted on by the Council of Silivia. There are thirteen seats on the Council of Silivia, and councilmen are generally voted into four year terms.

With support from Alchemilia Corporation and the Global Union, Silivia has one of the strongest militaries on Euclid. To protect themselves from any possible invasion or attack, a large stone wall was built around the city a century after the war started. The city has a large air force and general military presence, with various bases built throughout Silivia. Armed guards generally patrol all entrances to Silivia. Due to Alchemilia Corporation's support, the corporation has an administrative office in Silivia. The city's police force is known as the Greater Silivian Metro Police, and the current police commissioner is Zachariah St. Glover. The chief of police is currently vacant, following the murder of Cave Salinger in late Xerus, 319, with an election scheduled on Centenus 6th.


Silivia is split into four distinct districts.


Also known as the Commercial District, the Metro District is the largest of the four districts. It contains many businesses and utilities. It contains the police station, fire station, hospitals, prison, and the governmental building. It also holds an Alchemilia Corporation building. Metro is the cleanest and most well-protected of the districts.


The Residential District is mainly housing. A few parks are in the district.


The Ghetto District is the most dilapidated and dangerous part of Silivia. It used to be a part of the Residential District until it was largely overrun by gangs. Many of its buildings are abandoned.


The Outskirts is divided into two subdivisions: East and West. The East Outskirts is inside the city walls and is slightly better than West Outskirts. It contains a junkyard and a trailer park. The West Outskirts are outside the city walls and have only a few camps set. The Outskirts is the only district to cover two city entrances.


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