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Silivia is the name of the largest city in Thales. It has earned the nickname "The City of Silver Lights" due to its iconic glistening lights, powered by deep silver crystals located deep below the city. Due to the crystals status as the city's main power source, the lights produce a distinct silver glow. This gives the city its beautiful appearance, along with its famous nickname.


Silivia is an ancient city, its origins dating back to before The Great War. During the war, humanity was left with an apocalyptic, destroyed world, unsure of what their next goals would be. The surviving humans broke into colonies, which would later grow into cities. Due to what some considered a miracle, Silvia remained largely untouched in the demonic attacks and humans migrated to the city, deemed the capital of Euclid.


Silivia first appears in season 1. The protagonists arrive at the city in search of safety, as they come to terms with the new events unfolding before them. Unbeknownst to them, the city was the birthplace of Atticus Anoethite and Melissa Devlin. As the main city in Thales, it appears numerous times throughout the series.