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Silivia is a large city-state in Thales. It has earned the nickname "The City of Silver Lights" due to its iconic glistening lights surrounding the city walls. It has a population of approximately 950,000 humans.


Silivia is an ancient city dating back to before the Second Great War. During the war, humanity was left with an apocalyptic, destroyed world, unsure of what their next goals would be. The surviving humans broke into colonies, which would later grow into cities. Due to strong military forces and later Alchemilia Corporation, Silivia remained largely untouched in the demonic attacks and humans migrated to the city. It became widely regarded as the capital of Euclid.


Silivia is split into four distinct districts.


Also known as the Commercial District, the Metro District is the largest of the five districts. It contains many businesses and utilities. It contains the police station, fire station, hospital, prison, and the governmental building. It also holds an Alchemilia Corporation building. Scattered throughout the district are secret entrances to the elaborate maze of Alchemilia tunnels buried underneath the city. Metro is the cleanest and most well-protected of the districts. In the middle of the district is a large coin fountain owned and operated by Alchemilia Corporation.


The Residential District is mainly housing. A few parks are in the district, though not well maintained.


The Ghetto District is the most dilapidated and dangerous part of Silivia. It used to be a part of the Residential District until it was largely overrun by gangs. Many of its buildings are abandoned.


The Outskirts is divided into two subdivisions: East and West. The East Outskirts is inside the city walls and is slightly better than West Outskirts. It contains a junkyard and a trailer park. The West Outskirts are outside the city walls and have only a few camps set. The Outskirts is the only district to cover two city entrances.