Season Two is the second season of The Demon's Light.


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Supporting Cast


Episode 14 - "Until Dawn"

The group lands in a new continent and funerals are held.

Episode 15 - "Roaming King"

Richard Devlin pays Plant Empire a visit; trouble occurs at the manor.

Episode 16 - "Safe Haven"

The group takes refuge in a mysterious town.

Episode 17 - "Silver Lights"

The search party for the Port City Eight grows. Plant Empire receives a strange visit.

Episode 18 - "Marked Map"

The group's car runs out of gas and they meet a strange man. The search party takes a visit to an abandoned factory.

Episode 19 - "The Less I Know the Better"

Samuel and Atticus have an important discussion while the group gathers necessities. The search party have a meeting in a seedy club.

Episode 20 - "Riding the Wave"

The Port City Eight find refuge with old friends of Wen Li. The Search Party become involved with the affairs of an Aiolan town.

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