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Season One is the first season of The Demon's Light.


A girl discovers two amnesiac individuals and an ancient android in an abandoned barn. The four new companions set out on a journey to rediscover their identities. Along the way, they meet an array of interesting personalities and inadvertently cross paths with a very dangerous company.


Episode 1 - "Catching Smoke"

A girl discovers three teenagers in an abandoned barn, all with little to no memory of how they got there.

Episode 2 - "White Room"

After being introduced to a corporation, the group discovers a dark secret. Chris meets someone with connections to his creator.

Episode 3 - "Bare Trees"

Chris Wellington is held captive by Alchemilia Corporation. The group finds themselves in a bleak situation after their car wreck.

Episode 4 - "One Night in Gladea"

Chris Wellington makes his escape from Alchemilia Corporation; the group encounters demons in the forests of Gladea.

Episode 5 - "Ceasefire"

Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, and Marshall Rooke explore the city of Silivia. Melissa Devlin and Savannah Whitesmith find connections to the former's past.

Episode 6 - "Hide & Seek"

Alchemilia Corporation moves into Silivia to apprehend the fugitives. Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, and Marshall Rooke must avoid their approach. Melissa Devlin learns more of her forgotten past.

Episode 7 - "The Hounds"

The search for Marshall Rooke's accomplices and Chris Wellington comes to a close as chaos engulfs the city of Silivia.

Episode 8 - "Reunion"

After everyone reunites in the Silivian Masquerade Hospital, Steven tells an abridged history of Euclid.

Episode 9 - "Saccharine"

After Alchemilia Corporation's manhunt is called off, the fugitives situate themselves with Melissa's family.

Episode 10 - "In Somnis Veritas"

Atticus, Melissa, Chris, Steven, Blossom Cane, and Samuel Brownlee share a dream. Meanwhile, Marshall explores Silivia and purchases plants from a man known as Wen Li.

Episode 11 - "Carpe Diem"

Marshall arrives at the Maninder Cognitive Science Center with a new companion, John Fontaine makes a compelling offer to the protagonists.

Episode 12 - "Primo Victoria"

The protagonists and John Fontaine set out on a mission to attack Remnant Rock and uproot Alchemilia Corporation.

Episode 13 - "Don't Fear the Reaper"

The assault of Remnant Rock continues.




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