Season One is the first season of The Demon's Light.


After finding themselves in an abandoned barn with no memories, Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, Melissa Devlin, and Savannah Whitesmith set out to discover who they are. Along the way, they meet people such as Marshall Rooke and inadvertently cross paths with a very dangerous company.




Supporting Cast


Episode 1 - "Awakening"

A girl discovers three teenagers in an abandoned barn, all with little to no memory of how they got there.

Episode 2 - "White Room"

After being dropped off, the protagonists arrive at and are introduced to a company.

Episode 3 - "Bare Trees"

Chris Wellington is held captive by Alchem. The group runs into some trouble.

Episode 4 - "One Night in Gladea"

Chris Wellington has to escape; the group runs into trouble in the forests of Gladea.

Episode 5 - "Divided we Fall"

Atticus and Marshall run into trouble in a big city, Melissa finds connections to her old life, and Chris Wellington meets a stranger.

Episode 6 - "Hide & Seek"

Baptiste Rousseau continues his search for Chris Wellington. Atticus and Marshall hide in a barbershop. Meanwhile, Melissa continues her talk with Steven.

Episode 7 - "Exit Music"

Atticus and Marshall have a confrontation with Alchemilia Corporation. Chris battles for his life against John Fontaine. Melissa clashes with her brother, Steven. A girl is presented with a choice.

Episode 8 - "Reunion"

After everyone reunites in the Silivian Masquerade Hospital, Steven tells an abridged history of Euclid.

Episode 9 - "In Somnis Veritas"

Atticus, Melissa, Chris, Steven, Blossom Cane, and Samuel Brownlee share a dream. Meanwhile, Marshall explores Silivia and purchases plants from a man known as Wen Li.

Episode 10 - "Carpe Diem"

Marshall arrives at the Laboratory of the Mind with a new companion, John Fontaine makes a compelling offer to the protagonists.

Episode 11 - "Ticking Clock"

The group must make a difficult decision.

Episode 12 - "Primo Victoria"

The protagonists and John Fontaine set out on a mission to attack Remnant Rock and uproot Alchemilia Corporation.

Episode 13 - "Primo Victoria: Part II"

The assault of Remnant Rock continues.

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