Season One is the first season of The Demon's Light.



Character Role
The Mysterious Light
The Lost Ones
Alchem. Corp
Alchem. Corp: Part II
Getting Screwed
The City of Silver Lights
Divided We Fall
Hide and Seek
Exit Music
In Somnis Veritas
Carpe Diem
Risky Decisions
Primo Victoria
Primo Victoria: Part II
Atticus Anoethite Main character
Chris Wellington Main character
Melissa Devlin Main character
Marshall Rooke Main character
Savannah Whitesmith Main character Mentioned Mentioned
Steven Devlin Main character
Gabriel Alchemilia Antagonist Mentioned Mentioned
Blossom Cane Main character
Wen Li Main character
John Fontaine Recurring character Mentioned
Richard Smith Minor character Mentioned
Samuel Brownlee Minor character
Warren Hughes Minor character
Penny Yearling Minor character
Kailan Frost Minor character
Harrison Provost Minor character
Piercy Provost Minor character
Lalisa Minor character
Null Minor character
Aqualung Minor character
Baptiste Rousseau Minor character
Armitage Dornan Minor character
Alfred Hermann Minor character
Andrew Wellington Mentioned Mentioned


  1. The Mysterious Light
  2. The Lost Ones
  3. Alchem. Corp
  4. Alchem. Corp: Part II
  5. Getting Screwed‎
  6. The City of Silver Lights
  7. Divided We Fall
  8. Hide and Seek
  9. Exit Music
  10. Reunion
  11. In Somnis Veritas
  12. Carpe Diem
  13. Risky Decisions
  14. Primo Victoria
  15. Primo Victoria: Part II
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