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The Search Party is a group formed and introduced in Season Two of The Demon's Light. Mostly composed of the associates and family of the Port City Eight, the Search Party attempts to locate them after their attack on Remnant Rock.


With the exception of Aaron Fontaine and Florence Carnation, every member of the Search Party had a prior relationship with a member of the Port City Eight. Charles was the "brother" of Chris Wellington and Dexter was the descendant of Chris' creator, Andrew Wellington. Jordan, Lisa and Rosington were Atticus' childhood friend, ex-girlfriend, and adoptive father, respectively.


Name Gender Age Class
Aaron Fontaine Male 30 Minor
The owner of Manta, a high-class bar in Silivia and former Alchemilia Corporation soldier. He noticed his brother John acting strangely after he was given an assignment in Silivia. When John completely cut off contact the same day as the Remnant Rock attack, Aaron began to suspect he was involved. Aaron joined the Search Party with Dexter following the confrontation at Manta.

Joined the Search Party in "Safe Haven." Left after "The Less I Know the Better."

Charles Wellington Male 325 Minor
An android built by Andrew Wellington. The Search Party finds him in the central core of the abandoned Wellington Robotics facility. Dexter reprogrammed Charles to assist in the search.

Joined the Search Party in "Marked Map."

Dexter Wellington Male 27 Supporting
A roboticist descended from Andrew Wellington. Formerly part of Alchemilia Corporation's Robotics Department, he fled the company after helping his ancestor's android creation Chris escape. Dexter joined the Search Party with Aaron following the confrontation at Manta.

Joined the Search Party in "Safe Haven."

Florence Carnation Male 28 Minor
A private detective hired by governor Rosington to assist the Search Party. He is one of few members of the group without any prior connection to the Port City Eight.

Joined the Search Party in "Marked Map."

Jordan Walesh Male 16 Supporting
A childhood friend of Atticus Anoethite and the nephew of Aaron and John Fontaine. Jordan was the first to decide to search for Atticus and the Port City Eight.

Founded the Search Party in "Crumbling Castle."

Lisa Fiss Female 18 Supporting
Atticus' ex-girlfriend. Lisa joined the Search Party at Manta shortly before the confrontation.

Joined the Search Party in "Safe Haven." Captured by the Global Union in "House of the Rising Sun."

Savannah Whitesmith Female 16 Main
A girl from Gladea who found Atticus, Chris and Melissa Devlin in an abandoned barn. Savannah has uncontrollable reality manipulation abilities as a soulless deity. She joined the Search Party with Jordan.

Joined the Search Party in "Crumbling Castle." Left to join the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition in "Centuries of Damnation."

Theo Rosington Male 43 Minor
Atticus' adoptive father and the governor of Silivia. His duties and already-damaged reputation prevented him from directly participating in the search, however he hired Florence to assist the group.

Joined the Search Party in "Safe Haven."

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