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Savannah Whitesmith is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. She discovered Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, and Melissa Devlin in an abandoned barn in Gladea at the start of the series and played a central role in the first half of Season One.


Savannah is a 16-year-old girl, who is quite skinny and tall, standing at 5'10. She has long wavy chocolate hair that folds down her shoulders, bangs that reach her eyebrows and greenish-blue eyes.

Her clothing usually consists of light-colored long sleeved shirts, dark pants, sneakers and, when the weather is cool, long coats.


Savannah likes helping people, as evident when she found Melissa and Atticus injured in the barn and decided to help them, as opposed to going home. She has a sarcastic side and is easily frustrated, especially when something doesn't go her way. She can also be disloyal, shown by her switches in alliances over small periods of time, and is not afraid to use violence when necessary.


Savannah was born in Jasinski, Thales, on Centenus 36st, 303 TP, the first child of Vivian and Henry Whitesmith. Vivian was a pharmacist, while Henry was an engineer. Unbeknownst to them, their child was the reincarnation of the deity Xeren. They would have a second child, Eric, three years later.

She had a quiet childhood, spending most of her time wandering around the small village and playing with the children there. She would often cause trouble, due to the fact that she found Jasinski boring and did not like it for such. At the age of ten, her parents decided to move to Gladea, much to Savannah's liking and to Eric's dismay. The move was to be closer to Henry's mother, who's health was rapidly deteriorating.

Her middle and high school years were a bit more interesting. She got into a lot of fights with Eric and spent her time exploring the forest near her town, defying her parents and being rebellious. Savannah frequented her grandmother's house, to help out and to also escape her brother. Her grades were about average as she did not dedicate a lot of time to her studies and had a talent for music. She contemplated becoming a musician, before dropping the idea, as musicians earned next to nothing in Thales.

She got into her first romantic relation with a classmate, Emma Taughner, who was her best friend since the age of 12. Emma was the one to recommend that they travel outside of Thales and explore the world, something Savannah was interested by, and they spent a lot of time detailing their plans to leave. Their relationship lasted six months, before Taughner broke up with Savannah in favor of another classmate. They attempted to stay friends, but it did not work out, as Savannah was too hurt by the break-up. After that, she decided to focus on school, to improve her grades enough to get into nursing school in Silivia.

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