The following are sapient species that occupy the universe of The Demon's Light.



Angels are a species of androgynous humanoids with wings, who have a cultural belief that they are the peak of perfection among living beings. They come from Eden.


Demons are a species of beastly humanoids, usually bearing horns. Each demon varies greatly from the others. They originate from Eden and share a common ancestor with angels.


Cichan are a species of mist-like beings with forms that are alien to most biological creatures. They originate from Roni, the cavernous first moon of Midgarde.


Humans are a mortal species that originates from Euclid and have very little variance in appearance.


Illithid are a species of immortals with an inherent ability to influence the minds of other creatures. A special variant of the species is the Ulitharid, of which there are very few born.


Jotun are a species of silicone-based lifeforms that are similar to humans. They appear significantly larger than humans and have rocky skin. They come from Midgarde and are the dominant species there.

Moon Wraiths

Moon Wraiths are a species of immortal humanoids who survive through draining life from other living beings. Their physical bodies exist in a sort of middle-ground between physical and plasma, and they are sensitive to sunlight. Because of this, they cover up their entire bodies and are rarely seen. They originate from the desert wastelands of Sabin, the third moon of Midgarde.


Syzygy are a unique species of immortals who are created from the energy of a star. They are incredibly durable and intelligent.


Huitzal are a genderless race of feathered reptilian humanoids. Apart from their lack of gender, they are extraordinarily similar to humans and reptiles of Euclid.

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