"Nobody has ever gotten out and no one ever will." —Santo Giovanni to Samuel Brownlee, referring to Alchemilia Corporation's prison system

Santo Giovanni is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. Before its downfall, he served as Alchemilia Corporation's prison warden.


Santo is a tall, light-to-tan-skinned man of 6'0 ft, with a medium build. He has dark brown hair, a stubbly face, and gray eyes. He is often seen in a maroon suit with a dark metal badge signifying his rank and a peaked cap, along with a holster for his firearm and blade. Santo keeps a lighter and a pack of cigars in his front pocket.


Prior to "Primo Victoria: Part II," Santo was usually a quiet, solitary, and somewhat lazy man. He did, however, take his job seriously. He took pride in his work and and was quite satisfied with his life.

Following the events of the attack on Remnant Rock, Santo experienced drastic changes. He suddenly became crazed and hellbent on eliminating those who took everything from him - namely Wen Li and Samuel Brownlee.


In his early adulthood, he was a highly respected warden of the Silivian Prison System. After the previous director died of old age, Santo was commissioned by Gabriel Alchemilia to ensure reform in his facilities in 297 TP. For 22 years, Santo worked at Remnant Rock until its destruction.


  • Santo Giovanni has a chronic cigar problem.
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