Samuel Brownlee is a minor character in The Demon's Light. An old scientist, he is the current owner of The Contraption, a mysterious device capable of entering another a person's subconscious dreams.


Samuel is a slightly chubby man of brown skin. His hair is thick, glossy, and straight, and his green eyes contrast with his darker skin tone. He usually wears dark clothes.


Samuel was born to middle-class parents in Silivia. Both of his parents were deeply ingrained in the field of science. Wanting their son to have a similar upbringing, his parents gave him several texts on astronomy and biology. These texts fascinated him throughout his teenage years, and thoroughly impacted his career decisions. At the age of 24, he found work in the Silivian Masquerade Hospital as a surgeon.

Two years after he found work, his life would be severely impacted during a stroll he took through a forest. During a walk, he would stumble upon the withered and dirtied plans of a mysterious device. Interested, he presented it to the newly founded The Laboratory of the Unexplainable. After several months of development, and meeting new people along the way, device would be completed. Dubbed under the name "The Contraption", Samuel engaged in a surreal experience -- ten lab assistants explored his subconscious mind through the device.

After being satisfied with the results, and wanting to explore the capabilities of the device himself, Samuel would take the device to his home. Using his vast income as a surgeon, he would purchase a building to found "The Laboratory of the Mind". This laboratory, inspired by Smith's institution, would service as both his living quarters, and a means for him to continue research on the contraption and the subconscious human mind.


Chris Wellington

Samuel was responsible for salvaging Chris after his battle with the assassin Fontaine. Using the long forgotten android-wing of the Silivian Masquerade Hospital, he planned and worked on the restoration of Chris to full health. Samuel gave Wellington new clothes, upgrades, and a backpack with various items.

Steven Devlin

Samuel knew Steven during his teenage years. He introduced him to The Contraption, and the two shared an extensive dream. This is what got Steven intrigued into the practices of The Laboratory of the Unexplainable.

Richard Smith

Samuel presented this device to Richard Smith, and the two, along with various lab assistants, helped the device become functional and efficient.

His cat

After he founded his laboratory, Samuel purchased a cat to accompany him. His cat is known for jumping on his shoulder.

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