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Samuel Brownlee is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. He is a Silivian doctor and owner of the Allucinor, a device capable of creating shared dreams.


Samuel is a lean, dark-skinned man with thick and loosely-curled hair. His sides are cut into side-burns. Samuel's eyes are bright green, contrasting with his dark skin tone. His face is rounded, with a cleanly trimmed beard. He is of Munese, South Halan, and Northen Aiolic descent.

Usually, he is seen in his laboratory uniform, which consists of a white jacket with a polyester shirt underneath. Other times, Samuel generally wears large jackets — often brown, beige, or blue, sometimes with short fur. Occasionally, he wears a pair of thick-rimmed glasses for reading.

After the events of "Crumbling Castle," Samuel wears a long black trench-coat and fedora he found at the manor. The coat's right side has a small, circular bronze pin of a sword surrounded by oak leaves.


Samuel is a mostly introverted man. He is prone to isolating himself in study, but he takes pride in his work and likes to introduce it to others. In general, he is a hospitable person.

Prior to his job as a surgeon and manager at his laboratory, Samuel lived a relatively mundane life. His career choices forced him into large amounts of stress and work, and he became used to them over time. As a result of his experiences, Samuel can think carefully when placed in difficult situations. Though he can become very anxious internally, Samuel tries to give off a calm demeanor that those around him can be confident in.


In 281 TP, Samuel was born to Sammy and Alysa Brownlee in Silivia. He lived a middle-class life in an area mostly protected from invasion. Both of his parents were biologists, majoring in the study of otherworldly genetics. His parents' field influenced him to study biology and medicine, leading him to work as a doctor in Silivian hospitals.

Samuel's life was significantly impacted after purchasing an angelic relic at an auction. A collection of diagrams, notes, the relic was an odd notebook that detailed plans for a mysterious device. Interested, he presented the literature to Richard Devlin's Laboratory of the Unexplainable. After years of research, the device, named the "Allucinor" by Samuel, was revealed to be an object to allow for shared dreaming between multiple people.

Wanting to discover more, Samuel parted from Richard's laboratory to create his own — the Maninder Cognitive Science Center. With his income and grants from some libraries, the laboratory employed a selection of people to continue research on the device.


Samuel possesses great knowledge in a variety of subjects, namely engineering and biology. He possesses some degree of knowledge in Alchemilia androids, able to repair and modify them as needed. Samuel exercises at Silivian gyms often, giving him a moderate amount of strength and agility.


  • Samuel is the owner of the android Piett, who he also employs at his place of work.
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