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The Sabaoth is a theocratic military junta which rules over the angel civilization in Eden and Euclid. It has been in constant conflict with the demon army since its founding. The organization is introduced in Season One as tertiary antagonists.


The Sabaoth was formed by Vritra to combat the demon rebellion instigated by Xeren. After Vritra's defeat during the battle of Empyrean, his second-in-command took control, becoming the first Superior General.

The Superior General is a lifelong title granting absolute rule over angel society. Below the Superior General are their five Advisors: four are chosen from within the organization's rank, while one slot is reserved for the Danava. This individual is the current reincarnation of Vritra, verified by Vassiliki. Like the Adityas, the Danavas have Aegis-class reality manipulation abilities. The Advisors are tasked with assisting the current Superior General and appointing a successor after their death.

The Sabaoth consists of seven divisions with varying numbers of subdivisions. Josephus' Hussars are a special elite unit dedicated to the security of Empyrean, although they may assist other divisions elsewhere if needed. Sabaoth commanders serve the roles of military leaders, high priests and, in some cases, regional representatives.

Due to the Demon Army's membership, the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition has been the principal adversary of the Sabaoth. No alliance between the Sabaoth and any human government has been established despite their common enemy. The Global Union has a mutual non-aggression pact with the angel forces, though it has not been consistently enforced. The angels are widely regarded as apathetic towards human suffering due to their apparent insignificance in the demon-angel conflict. Consistently high human collateral damage has been a point of contention for the duration of the angels' time on Euclid.


Name Gender Age Position
Ezekiel Male 42 Superior General
Descended from the first Superior General, Ezekiel is a former division commander.
Simon Male 23 Advisor (Danava)
The youngest member of the Advisors, Simon is more open on easing relations between humanity and angels than his peers.
Josephus Male 74 Advisor (Damava)
A legendary angel warrior, known for his ruthlessness in battle and unwavering loyalty. He used Aegis-class abilities during combat to great effect. One of his last actions before his death was the creation of a moat around Empyrean. This moat would subsequently dry up, becoming the Prospector's Trench.


  • "Sabaoth" means "armies" in Hebrew. It is used to describe the heavenly host in Judeo-Christian literature.
  • The insignia of the Sabaoth is based upon the "living creatures" seen in the Book of Revelation.
  • The name of Superior General is taken from the title of the same name in the Society of Jesus.
  • Josephus was a Romano-Jewish historian.
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