Remnant Rock is a location in The Demon's Light. It is an artificial island that houses a military installation of Alchemilia Corporation, and is on the northern coast of Thales, near Port City. The island is first mentioned in "Bare Trees."


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The artificial island is made of steel. It is connected to the mainland by the Port City Bridge, a structure built before the Great War. The bridge is regularly patrolled by snipers.

The compound is a massive gray structure. All four corners are decorated with featureless statues of human faces. Two statues of serpentine humanoids armed with spears are positioned at the end of the bridge. The serpentine humanoids are a common motif in company architecture, also appearing on the Alchemilia building in Gladea.


  • The sewer is typically used to transport sewage from other areas of the building to the Waste Processing Sector. It is also connected to the train station, one of two including the lobby. Manhole covers leading to the sewer have signage reading "ALCHEMILIA CORPORATION" and "KEEP WALKING."
  • Incoming employees check in at the lobby, where security androids verify their identity through iris and fingerprint recognition. The staff proceed to the train station, where they board a train to their assigned sector.
  • Administration Sector: Offices of Gabriel Alchemilia and other company executives. Located adjacent to the prison.
  • The Alchemilia Aircraft Hanger is an aircraft carrier constructed prior to the Great War. It was modified to include walls and a glass ceiling before it was attached to the island facility. Cargo and military aircraft, such as the Hummingbird, are stored here.
  • Android Production: An android assembly line. The largest section of the facility, both the prison and Bioengineering Sector were originally part of Android Production.
  • Bioeningeering Sector: A Gimel-tier restricted area, only accessible to select Bioengineering Department staff. The Bioengineering Sector is where Artificial Tieflings are created and held in stasis before deployment. The sector was originally part of Android Production, later downsized and given to Director Pavlovic's staff for use in Project Voigt.
  • The breaker room is used for the storage and maintenance of the facility's electrical equipment.
  • The second-most spacious sector of Remnant Rock, the prison is composed at ten floors lined with cells. Over 300 prisoners are housed in this area: the imprisoned population is composed of criminals captured in areas under Alchemilia's protection, former employees and others who had committed offenses against the company. It is located near the Administrative Sector. Like Bioengineering, the prison was formerly part of Android Production.
  • The nuclear reactor is the source of the facility's electricity. It is the lowest area in the structure, located beneath the breaker room.


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