The following article is a satire page written solely for the purpose of comedy and does not have any connections to the canon role-play The Demon's Light.

Random unknown chick is a side character in The Demon's Light. She is first introduced in the side story "Towering fates," which tells the story of the missing Provost father.


Random unknown chick is an Asian female of average height with long dark black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes, often shadowed by eye-liner. She usually wears black jeans or shorts. Her shoes are black and white faded sneakers, and she wears old faded T-shirts and shirts that she has managed to find while scavenging.




Random unknown chick lived most of her life on an island near the coast of Asoka. Due to its secluded nature, she didn't have any interaction with human inhabitants outside of the island. The island was prone to demon attacks and therefore had developed a small military unit, which all inhabitants of the island of a certain age were enrolled in. Random unknown chick was enrolled into the military program at the age of fourteen, from which she learned many useful skills.

Great Raid

A year after she was enrolled into the military unit, demons launched a major attack upon the island. The demonic army came in waves, with the military unit managing to fight off the first waves for a few days. However, the army began to weaken after dealing with the demonic waves day after day and the demons soon broke their defense line and began attacking the island and its inhabitants. After many days of battling the forces, the island fell to the demons. Most of it being laid to waste by their forces. Only a few survivors remained after the demons retreated from the island, satisfied with the destruction they had left in their wake.

Provost and Gabriel Alchemilia

Years after the attack, the island was completely abandoned. While searching the shoreline for washed-up fish, Random unknown chick discovered an unconscious man. He was in his mid-fifties, had long dark brown hair, and a long unkempt beard. As she examined him more, she noticed he was injured and soon took him to her small camp to try and nurse him back to health. Days later, after he reclaimed conscious, he told her how his name was Provost and that he ended up on the island after his ship was attacked by his rival, Dr. Alchemilia. He claimed that his family thought he was dead because of this man and that he was desperate to get back to them. As he was not used to the weather on the island, Provost soon caught a disease there, causing him to go insane. Weeks later, a tall brazen ship appeared on the island, led by a tall man with neat short bluish-white hair and bright green eyes, dressed in a dark blue, nearly black coat and matching dress pants, with a white dress shirt and dark blue vest. Shortly after surveying the island with the small force that he had brought with him, he discovered Random unknown chick and Provost. After ordering his group to take Random unknown chick back to the ship so that she didn't "face the same fate Mr. Provost did", he then ordered his group to dose the whole island in gasoline and to burn it. Hour later, the ship sailed away with the island behind it illuminated in flames.
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