The following article is a satire page written solely for the purpose of comedy and does not have any connections to the canon role-play The Demon's Light.

Pucci, also known as The Man, is a side character in The Demon's Light. He is the big gay.


Pucci is a tall, handsome Demon, as described by Xeren. He typically wears his bathrobe around, and when he isn't in that, he is wearing his Gucci and Chanel.


He is very bouje, and tends to demand things constantly from Xeren. If he does not get his designer clothing from Gucci, he threatens Xeren that he will break up with him. However, he is a truly good man, as he is always there for Xeren when he is crying to his mummy.

Role in Series

he is not real so he doesn't have one ; - ;



Pucci is Xeren's boyfriend. Xeren and Pucci love each other very much.

Tessa Lancaster

They hate each other because the Tessa Lancaster called Gucci clothing ugly once.

Pucci's Mom

Pucci loves his mom.


  • He has over 1M dollars worth in clothing and jewelry.
  • His favorite place to shop that isn't Gucci or Chanel is Bath and Body Works.
  • His entire house is decked out with the most beautiful designer furniture possible.
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