"Where the sphere had first appeared, there were now six figures, some almost human and others completely alien." —Narration, "Primo Victoria: Part II"

The Powers are a group of immortal reality manipulators worshiped as deities by numerous sapient species across the universe.


The Powers are capable of adding, modifying or removing features at will, although the majority seen appear to be hominid. Deities which have created a species will resemble their creations; Vritra and Xeren took the forms of an angel and human respectively.

The only commonality between all deities is a soul which appears as a glowing red sphere. If a deity is killed, the soul will remain. A mortal could gain godlike power if they acquired a deity's soul, however completing this task is considered near-impossible.


Each deity has power over one planet or "realm," while the Powers collectively consider themselves the sole authority over universal affairs. Deities are limited by the rules set in place by the other Powers. The inhabitants of a power's territory are typically expected to regard them as their ruler, however this is not always the case.

The Powers meet regularly to discuss recent developments. Meetings may include the proposing of changes to their regulations or the punishment of members. The passage of a proposal requires majority support of all in attendance. While each deity has nominally equal authority, older deities tend to have more sway over their younger counterparts. Centaur, Tuisco, Palvatar and Nilohes possess the greatest influence as the oldest living deities.


The original six Powers created the universe billions of years prior to the Great War. They soon created Nilohes and entrusted him with maintaining the balance, as well as a few other deities. Tuisco, Vritra and Xeren began to rule over the afterlife, Eden, and Euclid respectively. Vritra created the angels and demons, while Xeren created humans. It was decided that the souls of the deceased would be transferred to the afterlife following death.

A war would break out in Eden when the demons rebelled against their god. The conflict was prolonged when Xeren allied with the demons and killed Vritra, forcing the other Powers to intervene. Xeren was killed and his soul left his body. Despite this, the war continued long after the deaths of Xeren and Vritra.

Cicero, Xeren's half-demon son, invaded Euclid with the demon army. He hoped to acquire his father's soul in order to empower himself. In response to the demon invasion, Gabriel Alchemilia created a portal between Eden and Euclid, successfully bringing the angels with him. Unfortunately, the angels were not the saviors humanity had hoped for. The Great War decimated much of Euclid.

The Powers turned their attention away from Euclid to deal with the Dream Eaters. Founded by Xanvi on the third moon of Midgarde, the Dream Eaters made extensive use of dimensional travel. This activity had been forbidden by the Powers. Palvatar punished the Dream Eaters by killing those who had been influenced by Xanvi. Supay died and Xanvi was greatly weakened, but the group survived the attack.

In Centenus 302 TP, Xeren was reincarnated in human form as Savannah Whitesmith.


Name Gender Class
Centaur Male Minor
Unknown role. Appears as a being clad in green robes with a glowing white orb in place of a head.
Nilohes Male Minor
Guardian of the Realm of Perseverance and god of order and logic. Appears to be a muscular, cornflower blue-colored humanoid with short, indigo hair and orange eyes.
Palvatar Male Supporting
God of time and ruler of the Savage Garden. Described as a tall, muscular man made of iridescent blue metal and fire with clock-like devices on the backs of his hands.
Tuisco Male Supporting
Ruler of the afterlife, psychopomp. Pale humanoid with black, tattered robes. Usually carries a lantern.
Vassiliki Female Minor
Wife of Vritra and current ruler of Eden.
Vritra Male Minor
Creator of the angel and demon species and former ruler of Eden. Killed by Xeren. Features of a tall angel.
Xeren Male Minor
Creator of the human species and the planet Euclid. Killed by the Powers for his murder of Vritra, but reincarnated as Savannah Whitesmith.


  • "The powers that be" is an idiomatic term for authorities. It was first used in William Tyndale's translation of the Bible verse Romans 13:1 - "Let every soul submit himself unto the authority of the higher powers. There is no power but of God. The powers that be, are ordained of God."
  • Alexander-class is derived from Alexander the Great, a Greek king who considered himself the son of Zeus.
  • Centaurs are creatures in Greek (and subsequently Roman) mythology with the upper body of a human and the legs and lower body of a horse.
  • Tuisco is a deity in Germanic mythology.
  • Vritra is a serpent or dragon in Hinduism.
  • Päivätär is the Finnish goddess of the sun.
  • Nilohes is named for the word "nil," which means "nothing."
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