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Port City is a location in The Demon's Light. It is a seafaring town located in northern Thales, directly across from the Alchemilia military installation Remnant Rock. The city is mostly comprised of fishermen and factory workers. Due to its close proximity to Remnant Rock, the fugitive group that escaped from it has been termed "Port City Eight" by the media.


The most significant aspect of Port City is not only its border by the open sea, but its proximity to Remnant Rock. These aspects of the city's location has allowed it more significant economic development than most other seafaring towns. It is both an agrarian and industrial city.

Much like in Silivia, Alchemilia Corporation has a strong influence within the city. This influence is not a secret. Remnant Rock is always visible from the cities piers, and uniformed Alchemilia soldiers often parade through the streets. The citizens of Port City have a mostly docile attitude towards Alchemilia soldiers, and the Corporation is viewed positively.

Port City's main industries are comprised of fishing, merchantry, weaving and sewing. Workers make use of imports from Aiola to create tapestries, baskets, furniture, and clothing among other things.

Ferries to and from Aiola account for most of international transportation. Within the city, citizens use carts, rickshaws, vans, or trucks to get around.


Port City Bridge

The Port City bridge is a large, mostly eroded bridge that connects Port City and Remnant Rock. While it serves as a popular sight-seeing attraction, citizens not affiliated with Alchemilia never use the bridge. Most of the time, the bridge is barren. Infrequently, Alchemilia Corporation passes through the bridge to transport cargo.

Historic Centelluan

Historic Centelluan is a small village within Port City. It was the city's first settlement, several years before the construction of Port City's bridge of Remnant Rock. It is known for its old ruins. Occasionally, festivals occur in the settlement.