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The following are plants in the world of Euclid.


Acia Root

Acia Root is a beautiful flower that blooms year round, named for its roots uses in cooking. It is also used as a yellow dye. It is found in Thales.

Blue Apples

Blue apples are native to Muné. Blue apples are harvested by diving to the bottom of stagnant pools of water and retrieving the apples.

Gladean Oaks

Gladean Oaks are deciduous hardwood trees that are native to the forests of Gladea. It is important as its wood is a source of timber, however, it is not the most abundant tree.

Halan Firs

Halan Firs are evergreen coniferous trees that are native to Hala. They thrive in the rich soil and climate of Hala.


Malura is naturally prominent in Nuyö, though Thales is known for its domesticated malura farms. The plant is a principal ingredient in most Euclidean medicines. Pain-killers are made by distillation, extracting oil from the leaf and combining it with other ingredients. Malura-based medicines are easily purchasable over-the-counter.

Malura is far more dangerous when used recreationally. The plant's leaves can be processed into a fine powder that is used in cigarettes and tablets. Overuse of these substances can lead to hallucinations and vision loss, among other things. Most major cities in Euclid outlaw recreational use of the malura.

Sugarsap Trees

Sugarsap trees are native to the Sugarsap Plains of Mune. They are known for their ability to produce large, pink apples coated in sweet liquids.


Whiplash is a vine-like plant that suffocates trees that host it. It can be found within the steamy tropical jungles of Hala and Muné. It can be cut into a strong whip due to its smooth texture.

Widow's Weed

Widow's Weed is a hardy plant that resides in the steppes of Aiola. It can be woven into fabrics and cloth.