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Plant Empire is a plant shop in Silivia owned by Wen and Yu Li.


Plant Empire is comprised of four floors.

The basement contains a variety of things. Various items from Li's life are stored down there, dusty knickknacks and trinkets, as well as his coin collection. Spare equipment, furniture, and tools are also kept down there.

The first floor is divided into two areas. The first room is the shop, which is accessible from the street. Inside, the walls are covered by shelves stocked with various plants. In between the two rooms is a doorway to Li's study, where he keeps his books and other materials. The second room is his lab, where he creates and tests various organic substances on plants. The room also has a door that leads to his garden and the driveway.

The second floor is his kitchen and living quarters of Li and Yu.

The third and final floor is Li's guest loft.


At some point in his life, Wen Li bought a building and opened a plant store in Silivia, upon suggestions from Yu Li.