Piercy Sawyer Provost is a side character in The Demon's Light. He started off as a boy in his early teens. Although he starts off as a villain and a follower of the Demon, he has a change of heart and becomes good at the end of the second season.


Piercy and his younger brother Harrison, who was also originally a follower of the Demon, were born in an unknown town. It is unknown how or why they ended up in the forest, although it is implied that they lost their parents at a young age, and that the Demon took them both in, which they both accepted, as they felt that being allied with the Demon would help them to get over their losses and to achieve their goals at the time.

Neither Piercy and Harrison were aware that their father, Mr. Provost, was still alive. Much less did either of them realize that it was actually the Demon who murdered their mother, as neither of them knew at the time that Xeren and the Demon were the same person.

Physical appearance

Piercy is 14 years old, 5'5 feet tall, and weighs 110 pounds. He was 13 years old at the beginning of the story but is now 14. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Piercy wears a white shirt and a black leather jacket with maroon trim on the sides of the collar, and metal patterns. He also wears blue jeans with folds on the ends, and black leather shoes.

Piercy looks very similar to his brother, except he does not wear glasses like Harrison does. He is taller, heavier, and more built-up than his brother is. Piercy's hair also is not as dark as Harrison's. Unlike Harrison who has a more conventional helmet cut, Piercy has quite a unique hairstyle. His hair is cut back to the edge of the hairline all around, while the rest of his hair is left to grow until it grows over the edge of the hairline.


Piercy comes across as being rather arrogant, cocky, and brash, as well as being quite blunt and stubborn. At the beginning of the story, he was rather manipulative and devious. He initially despised happy families, as a result of losing his parents at a young age. However, at the end of season 2, he has a change of heart, as the good sides of him reawaken. Piercy is considered to be the more grumpy of the two brothers.

Like Harrison, Piercy is interested in archery. He developed an interest in archery at a young age, which probably explains why he uses a bow as his main weapon during battles. Unlike Harrison however, Piercy does not seem to be interested in alchemy or mixology, and has shown to be disinterested in reading or studying, both of which are things that Harrison enjoys. Piercy is more interested in things like technology than he is in things like alchemy or mixology.

While neither one of the brothers is particularly lazy, Piercy often took the back seat when he was working for the Demon, while Harrison did the dirty work. Despite this, Piercy felt that he should be rewarded more than Harrison just by being the older brother, which tended to irritate Harrison.


Harrison Provost

Piercy and Harrison Provost are undoubtedly closer to each other than they are to anyone else, and have been that way since Harrison was born. While they do tend to bicker from time to time, which is not uncommon in a sibling relationship, they have quite a strong bond as brothers and care a lot about each other. Even when they were both followers of the Demon, it was clear that Piercy was more concerned about his brother's safety than their allegiance with the Demon, and vice-versa.

Before they switched to the good side, Piercy had a tendency to be slightly manipulative towards Harrison, which is evident when Harrison started to show signs of wanting to leave the Demon and join the good side. However Piercy pushed Harrison into remaining on the Demon's side. Piercy's manipulative ways were ceased when he himself began to have second thoughts about his allegiance with the Demon.


Both he and Harrison often use bows as weapons during battles. It is known that they both use two different kinds of arrows. The type of arrows that they use more frequently do deal damage but are very rarely fatal. These arrows are used to threaten enemies but not to kill them. The other kind of arrows that they use have hollow points and are more deadly, but they rarely use these arrows unless they are explicitly intending to cause fatal damage.


  • Piercy's favorite color is green.
  • His favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • His favorite music genre is hip-hop.
  • Despite being older than Harrison, Piercy has the higher voice of the two brothers. He does however have an older and somewhat harsher voice than Harrison does.
  • He is right handed.
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