Oliver Baldwin is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He is usually seen plotting to take over the world and is usually viewed as some sort of "anti-hero."


Oliver is considered a neutral character as he does unethical and illegal things like black market activity but he has also done some things to show care for those he considers his friends. He usually plays by his own rules.

In his debut, he starts off getting run over by a truck when the protagonists were leaving for Alchemilla Corp. Oliver was mad at first but soon forgives stating it to be an accident and quickly befriends Chris Wellington. He agrees to go with the group to Alchemilla Corp but has noticeable trust issues with Gabriel Alchemilia. When he gets there with Savannah and Chris, he is quick to force Chris to subdue the snake because he is a robot and thus would have the lowest risk had the snake have been poisonous only to find out it's a shape-shifter that Oliver admits to having bad relations with. Whilst escaping it via ladder, Oliver appears to have gone missing, leading Chris to conclude that he is evading the group.

Oliver has both aided and fought the Demon as he often gives him tips for causing human suffering but opposes some of the Demon's beliefs.



Oliver's relationship with the Demon is incredibly complex as he sometimes serves and opposes him.

Atticus Anoethite

Atticus and Oliver tend to get along despite Oliver's links to the Demon.

Melissa Devlin

Same as Atticus.

Chris Wellington

Chris is the one who finds Oliver when he's run over by the truck and they both introduce themselves to each other. Chris is also the one who invites Oliver to join them.

Gabriel Alchemilia

Oliver and Gabriel have trust issues with each other as seen in the second episode when they both act cautiously when Oliver boards the truck to Alchemilia Corp.


  • Karate


  • Samurai sword
  • Ninja stars


  • Despite seemingly evil actions, Oliver is not an all-out bad guy as he does show to actually care for his friends and he claims his world domination attempts are really to make the world a better place for all.
  • Unlike most characters, Oliver does not live in Thales but rather Nuyö. He does visit Thales often, however.
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