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The Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition is a governmental organization consisting of both the demon army of Cicero and the governments of Mesto and Vilebluysk. Its logo is a dragon consuming its own tail.


Following the death of Xeren and the introduction of demons to Euclid, the countries of Vilebluysk and Mesto were quick to secure their place in the future by making alliances with the invaders in exchange for protection. Nuyovian religion was very traditional, with a heavy focus on the worship of Xeren, giving many on the continent a cultural inclination towards the demon army. Slowly, the demon army began to merge with the Nuyovian nations and form the Coalition.

When the angels were brought to Euclid, they made it their mission to either eradicate or enslave the demon race. Due to these circumstances, conquering the human continents became a secondary goal to defeating the angel army. The Coalition was able to gain major footholds across Euclid in the continents of Aiola and Muné, the latter of which has mostly been conquered by Coalition forces. The Aiolan city of Awgalahaga and the Munese city of Cimmer became demon strongholds holding major political power. Meanwhile, the city of Nergal was established by Cicero in Vilebluysk.

Due to the angels' clear advantage of inborn flight abilities, the largest project undertaken by the Coalition was the construction of a fleet of airships, with the construction of Nergal's industrial district used as a distraction to hide their production. Cicero's personal flagship, the Copperhead, is considered to be one of the most powerful symbols of Coalition dominance on Euclid.


State Council

Name Gender Age Position
Cicero Male 345 State Council Leader of the Nuyo-Dyavol Coalition
Cicero is the demigod son of Xeren. He holds senior authority over the Coalition's activities and can veto any decision they approve.
Dasim Male 390 Supreme Commander of the Demon Army
Dasim was a legendary demon warrior who has been with Xeren's army since its founding. He led an unsuccessful coup against Cicero with the assistance of the other Councilors.
Petrov Sviatoslavich Male 66 Tsar of Vilebluysk
The ruling monarch of Vilebluysk. Due to Cicero's headquarters being in the nation, the tsar's authority is often overshadowed by the demigod.
Semyon Turgenev Male 53 General Secretary of Mesto
The democratically-elected leader of Mesto. Turgenev funds the Svatovid and has numerous black market connections through which his allies are able to acquire high-quality Alchemilia weaponry.
Ki'Yoki Female 250 Empress of Hala
The Cambion empress of Hala who rose to power through a series of violent insurrections. Through a land deal in Muné, Ki'Yoki joined the Coalition and was expelled from the Global Union.

Other Members

Name Gender Age Position
Volkov Male 56 Cicero's Bodyguard
A demon with rodent features that served as one of Cicero's personal bodyguard.
Dharma Male 60 Cicero's Bodyguard
A fish-like demon who served as one of Cicero's personal bodyguards. After Dasim launched a coup on the demigod, Dharma was killed by the former Supreme Commander.
Powehi Male 401 Cicero's Bodyguard
An adolescent dragon from Eden who served as Cicero's pet growing up. Powehi is a talented warrior who accompanies Cicero on the battlefield. The Coalition's dragon and serpent iconography are meant to depict Powehi.
Enoch Male 80 Bishop
A missionary who was sent to Muné to induct the demon city of Headre into the Coalition.
Dmitry Avilov Male 26 Tsar's Liason
An intermediary between the tsar of Vilebluysk and Dasim. Avilov assisted Dasim in his coup by providing soldiers and weaponry to fight Cicero.
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