Null is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He is a wandering android in search of knowledge.


Null was created as part of an experimental Silivian android program. The Humans, basing their research and designs on stolen Alchemilia Corporation technology, developed androids to aid in the war effort. Their research proved effective, yielding simple androids that could be used in battle. As a result of their analysis of Alchemilia designs, they were also capable of simple sentience and emotions.

These androids were deployed against various demon and angel forces. Null was a participant in one of these operations. In this battle, several Euclidean androids were deployed against a small angel military in a snowy Tundra. The battle lasted many hours, with the androids proving to be effective. The battle concluded in a stalemate, and all androids were ordered back to Silivia. Unfortunately, Null was unable to make the trip due to sustained damages.

Some months later, he woke up from his sleep. He tried several times to make contact with Silivia -- but all of his attempts failed. The android was now left stranded in a remote area, with no access to his former comrades. Fortunately, his status as an android did not allow any feelings of sadness. Now, without someone to give him instructions, he decided to get up and explore the surroundings. For the first time, he began to appreciate the Euclidean nature. It was no longer a backdrop against military directors or loud gunfire.

Throughout his travels, he met various individuals, and visited many towns. As a result of these talks, Null had an appreciation for knowledge, and he wished to expand his database, more than what the Silivian military had given him.


Due to being created on short notice with experimental designs, Null does not have the human appearance of other androids. Null's electronic parts are clearly seen from the outside, with thick wires strewn throughout his humanoid-shaped body. His metallic body has a dark, gray matte finish. His armor is somewhat bulky. Sometimes, Null is seen wrapped in rags and sheets he has acquired in his travels.

His head is smooth and circular. On either side are two circular disks, which allow Null to perceive sound. There are three circular lights on his forehead to indicate if he is powered on. Two, thin, cylindrical dents in the middle of his face function as his eyes.

There lies a hexagonal box on his back, which is used for storage.


Null's personality is akin to a curious child. When he was first created, the Silivian military gave him little knowledge on the nature of the world. His database only consisted of military strategies and the most basic of knowledge. Null enjoys listening to stories, and reading books.

The android has high potential for battle, but almost never uses it. He considers his combat abilities something only necessary for self-defense.


Being an android, Null has a vast array of battle items. His left arm can cast a blade of plasma for defense, and his right can be cast into a simple machine-gun.

His strength far exceeds a human, making him able to hit hard and lift heavy objects. His agility is not his strong suit, but Null is capable of running for long periods of time.

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