Narscissa Salazar is a 19-year-old girl, she is a main character in The Demon's Light: Genesis.


Narscissa's father was in Xerthic Militia, when she was a young teenager, her family was tortured and killed by the Demons and her and her father were the only survivors. Narscissa joined the Militia to avenge her mother and younger siblings deaths. Zion Nawza, Kalyn Lancaster and Narscissa were trained together in the same squad after Xerthic was destroyed, they broke off from the militia.


Narscissa has grey eyes and long black her highlighted a dark read long the ends and lining her face, She has pale skin and a small thin body she is 5'4 and weights about 96bls.


Narscissa has a stubborn personality, but is calm in some situations, but in combat she does not hesitate instead she jumps right in without thinking.


Narscissa uses a M416 with a few attachments and a ACOG scope and is skilled with two combat knives if in a situation with no primary weapon or secondary.

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