Nabi is a recurring antagonist in The Demon's Light. She is a Tiefling aligned with Alchemilia Corporation, serving on the Halberd high command. She is the operator of the corporation's small, but significant, demon militia.


Nabi was born to pacifist parents. Her father was drafted into the Euclidean War, forced to partake in the murder of humans and angels. Disgusted by the acts of demons, he defected in an act of major treason. He found a Silivan defense group, and surrendered himself to it. In this group, he aided the humans with information he gathered during his time in the demonic army. In addition, he would use his abilities to aid the army against Demon raids. When he retired, he fell in love with a human woman. They had Nabi, who was half human and demon.

As a child, her parents wished to explore her biracial identity; even though most demons were opposed to humans. Her mother taught her the etiquette of humans, and her father nurtured her demon powers. She was quite proficient in the usage of fire, which she enjoyed. Her flames were a deep blue color, and she often used them for daily tasks like cooking food.

During Silivan festivals and events, she made a name for herself by performing with her flame abilities. On nights, she lit up the sky with large, blue flames. Unfortunately, these shows would be seen by Alchemilia spies. Alchemilia Corporation, at the time, had thorough information on the nature of demons. They, unlike the average person or her parents, knew her abilities were very unique; and could be exploited.

One night, in a premeditated raid, several Alchem. guards raided Nabi's home, kidnapping her from her parents. Taking her to an Alchem. training facility, she was brainwashed, and given lessons to strengthen her powers. No longer was she an innocent, blissful girl, but a malevolent one subservient to Alchem.

Her half-demon status, along with her abilities, allowed her to instill a sense of fear and dominance among her peers. She easily rose through the ranks, eventually joining the Halberd high command. Using the same tactics Alchem. used to brainwash her, she recruited demons and Tieflings to join the Corp., promising that Alchem. would create a utopia between all three factions.


Nabi is light-skinned, with thick, sleek, hair to her shoulders. Her eyes are deep red, a cause of her demon heritage. She is 5'9. She wears little make-up, but infrequently she wears red eye-liner.

Her Alchemilia uniform consists of dark, somewhat, baggy pants, with a red sash. Her top is a sleeveless shirt, with a red Alchemilia insignia. She wears a red Alchemilia commander hat.


The brainwashing Nabi experienced at Alchem. removed her peaceful, benevolent personality. Alchem. taught her that her abilities could be used as weapons of war. She takes great pride in her killings, often touting her death count as a representation of her effectiveness. Due to Alchem. propaganda, she considers any turmoil caused by the corporation as a means to a better future.


Due to her natural talent and training from Alchem. Corp, Nabi has a strong proficiency in demonic pyrokinesis. Not only can she draw, powerful blue flames from her hands, but she can spontaneously create flames in her mind.

She uses her abilities for several purposes. In general combat, she attacks by drawing flames from her hand, or shielding herself in them. Her most powerful ability is accessing her primordial demon rage, and roaring large flames from her mouth -- which causes immense fatigue.

She is not physically strong, making her vulnerable without her abilities.

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