The following is a list of minor characters in The Demon's Light.

Alchemilia Corporation

Abram Pavlovic

A Nuyövian geneticist, Pavlovic is the director of Alchemilia Corporation's Bioengineering Department. His team is responsible for the creation of Artificial Tieflings.

While Chris' emotions were being analysed, Gabriel was called to attend a video conference with Pavlovic. The director was annoyed by Gabriel's slight delay and his request to "make it quick." Pavlovic informed Alchemilia that Project Voight, the production of artificial tieflings, was proceeding as planned. He also noted Project Watchdog could not be completed without a copy of Chris' database.

Between the conference and the assault on Remnant Rock, Pavlovic and his staff were transferred to Bioengineering Sector of the facility. After the incursion began, they were evacuated.

Appeared in "Bare Trees" and mentioned in "Primo Victoria: Part II." Portrayed by Octopus Wizard.

Alfred Hermann

Manager at Remnant Rock. He came to the Gladea Alchemilia Corporation building to help prepare for the company moving to Remnant Rock and had short conversations with Dexter Wellington and Baptiste Rousseau.

During the assault on Remnant Rock, he attacked Marshall Rooke before being shot and killed by the latter.

The general could generate and project sound waves capable of knocking a person backward. He took advantage of this when training artificial tieflings and fighting Marshall.

Appeared in "One Night in Gladea" and "Primo Victoria: Part II," mentioned in "Bare Trees," portrayed by Quinton1721.

Andrew Wellington

A former Alchemilia executive who left the company to establish a competitor. Andrew created Chris Wellington, who considers him his "father." Deceased by the time the original protagonists woke up at the barn. While escaping from Alchem, Chris remembered the time Andrew left him behind. Later, while trying to locate Chris and the others, Dexter discovers a videotape at the old Wellington Robotics Factory revealing Andrew made Chris and his eight siblings merely to murder Gabriel.

Mentioned in "Awakening," "White Room," "Bare Trees," and "Silver Lights." Appears in a flashback in "One Night in Gladea" and on a videotape in "Marked Map," portrayed by Chase McFly.

Claire Simmons

An Alchemilia worker responsible for treating the protagonists' wounds. After she finished, she took them to the cafeteria and gave them lunch tokens.

Appeared in "White Room," portrayed by Quinton1721.


An Alchemilia guard associated with John Fontaine's rebels, briefly seen with a fellow rebel, Reti, during the assault on Remnant Rock.

Appeared in "Primo Victoria: Part II."

Katherine Blackrite

Worker at Alchemilia Corporation. After the protagonists arrived there, Gabriel ordered her to assist them and she led the group to the medical chamber.

Appeared in "White Room," portrayed by Downtown Freezy and Quinton1721.

Leopold Udin

Scientist at an Alchemilia bioengineering laboratory in the Gladea location. When the protagonists stumbled into the bioengineering laboratory and noticed human testing, he spoke to them briefly asked Officer Sanchez to arrest them.

Appeared in "White Room," portrayed by Downtown Freezy and South Ferry.


A female artificial tiefling created by Alchemilia Corporation. She was able to manipulate and create fire using her mind, and served as a general.

To enter Remnant Rock, Team B drove through the Port City bridge. Nabi released vials of artificial tieflings to attack them. As Team B defended themselves against the creatures, Nabi created a wall of fire ahead of them. Li, the driver, drove straight into the fire, killing all of the tieflings.

Team B quickly chose to abandon the car after making it through. They nearly made it to Remnant Rock's entrance, but they were forced to stop when Nabi created another wall of fire. With a group of androids, she then approached Team B and told them they were under arrest. Everyone surrendered to her and dropped their weapon except Melissa. Melissa attempted to fire a shot at Nabi, but it was deflected and Nabi knocked her unconscious. Nabi drove Team B to Remnant Rock's prison after their defeat.

Later, the prison fell into a chaos after a riot was started. When Samuel opened a metal door, she surprised him and threw him over the railing. Li, who was behind Samuel, was forced to face Nabi alone. He fired one shot at her and attempted an escape.

Marshall later arrived and started running together with Li. The two thought they lost her when they arrived to the ground floor, but she burst out from a stairwell and cornered them. After a moment, Li suddenly started screeching at Nabi, Marshall doing the same. Nabi was at first confused, but she quickly got defensive when she realized Li made the connection between her and the tieflings. Nabi then unleashed a large wave of fire, knocking Marshall and Li backward. Unknown to her, the knock-back from the attack allowed the two to escape the prison.

Appeared in "Primo Victoria: Part II," portrayed by South Ferry.


An Alchemilia general. When the Corporation was conducting an operation in Silivia to retrieve Chris Wellington, he met with Gabriel and asked him to stop it.

Reti is later associated with John Fontaine's rebels. During Remnant Rock's attack, he revealed himself to Atticus and Marshall after killing Selma Klotserman. Reti leads the two to the Remnant Rock prison.

Appeared in "Exit Music" and "Primo Victoria: Part II," portrayed by Downtown Freezy, South Ferry, and TheKorraFanatic.

Rogan Bowman

An Alchemilia truck driver who brought the protagonists to Gabriel Alchemilia during their first meeting. He is a retired soldier with a very high amount of confirmed kills.

He later reappeared in a truck, running the protagonists off of the road during their escape.

Appeared in "Awakening" and "White Room," portrayed by Downtown Freezy, South Ferry, and TheKorraFanatic.


Officer at Alchemilia Corporation. After the protagonists stumbled the bioengineering laboratory and noticed human testing, Leopold Udin ordered Sanchez to arrest them. Sanchez then confronted Marshall and a chase through the building ensued.

He later re-appeared in a motorcycle side-car, driven by John Fontaine, as they pursued the escaped protagonists, who had stolen a vehicle.

Appeared in "White Room," portrayed by TheKorraFanatic.

Selma Klosterman

Head of security for the Alchemilia Corporation bioengineering department. During the attack on Remnant Rock, she confronted a disguised Atticus and Marshall about their bioengineering certifications. Selma told the two how artificial tieflings are produced, before being killed by Reti.

Appeared in "Primo Victoria: Part II," portrayed by Quinton1721.



Giannis Castellanos

Giannis Castellanos was a tiefling Bratva member able to assume the form of a shadow. He attacked the protagonists with Blackmore Veers when they were at the Brownlee manor. When Melissa went downstairs to search for food, he assaulted her from behind and tied her up in the cellar.

Later, Giannis confronted Atticus, Samuel, and Li. He jumped at Samuel with a knife, later placing him into a chokehold. Li ran to a nearby statue and toppled it onto both of them. Giannis took the opportunity to disappear briefly with his ability.

After the three got up and prepared to leave the room, Giannis returned and slashed his knife across Atticus' face. Li threw a vase at him as a fight was initiated again. Giannis fled to one of the room's corners behind a statue of a knight. He was preparing to attack once more, but Atticus was able to discover him. Atticus took the sword from the statue and lodged it into Giannis' mouth, killing him.

Appeared in "Until Dawn" and "Roaming King," portrayed by Downtown Freezy.

Magnus Rooke

Magnus Rooke is a revolver-toting arsonist. He is a known member of the Bratva, wanted by the authorities for his role in the Salinger building arson. Magnus is the estranged husband of Penny Yearling and the father of Marshall Rooke.

He was with Baptiste and Natalya during the confrontation at Manta. After Aaron Fontaine singled him out, he attempted to shoot him. The shot missed and Henry was promptly incapacitated by Aaron.

Appeared in "Silver Lights" and "Marked Map," portrayed by Octopus Wizard.

Natalya Smirnov

Natalya is a member of the Bratva who wields a 12-gauge shotgun. She is wanted by the authorities, but unlike Magnus is ambivalent about being recognized.

She was with Baptiste and Magnus during the confrontation at Manta. Baptiste looked to her before he threatened Savannah and Dexter. Natalya aimed her gun at Dexter after Baptiste's pistol was unintentionally taken. Aaron shot her in the shoulder before she could kill Dexter. Natalya fled the restaurant with Baptiste.

Appeared in "Silver Lights," portrayed by Octopus Wizard.


Beast of the Shadowlands

The Beast of the Shadowlands was a demon that roamed the Blackwood Jungle in Muné. It was notorious for killing many travelers.

The Port City Eight encountered the beast after being warned by Zade Santello. It used its agility to dodge barrages of bullets and injure some. After a brief struggle, the beast was shot and killed by Chris.

Appeared in "Marked Map," portrayed by Gallibon the Destroyer.


As the group recovered from their first encounter with Alchemilia Corporation, Mulciber stalked them. He rarely encountered humans, with the few he had being impossible to hunt due to their armor and weapons. He presumed that the discovery of easy prey was divine intervention and promptly thanked Xeren for the coming feast.

After members of the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition ambushed the group, they offered them as a meal to Mulciber. Once the group made an escape, Mulciber pursued them, eventually trapping them on a lake shore.

Marshall attempted to make a deal with the demon, and Mulciber told him to kill his companions in exchange for his own survival. Marshall proceeded to pretend to drown Atticus, scaring Melissa Devlin and Savannah Whitesmith off.

Atticus and Marshall then managed to surprise Mulciber and run into the forest, escaping from his renewed search by climbing high into the trees.

Appeared in "Bare Trees," "One Night in Gladea," and mentioned in "Divided we Fall," portrayed by Octopus Wizard and Chase McFly.



Stumbling upon Atticus and Marshall fighting her ring of guards at the entrance of Silivia, she ordered everyone to stop and walked towards the two, asking about their state and assisting Marshall in getting up the ground, much to the disapproval of her guards. After listening to their story, she handed Atticus a map of the city, hoping it will assist the two in their journey. Apologizing for the behavior of her guards, she introduced herself as Kailan before walking away with the rest of the guards.

Appeared in "Divided we Fall," portrayed by EarthlingnAkumi.


Halan resident of Silivia and owner of Harlan's Pet Store. Due to Atticus Anoethite and Marshall Rooke storming her shop in an attempt to escape from Baptiste Rousseau, she yelled at the two to leave the backrooms of the pet shop. Upon the arrival of Baptiste Rousseau, she confronted the Alchem guards, only to be punched aside.

Appeared in "Exit Music," portrayed by TheKorraFanatic.

Park Chae Lynn

Assistant to Theo Rosington, mayor of Silivia. She called Jordan Walesh and asked him to come to the mayor's office, informing him of Rosington's desire to meet with him.

Appeared in "Silver Lights," portrayed by TheKorraFanatic.


Assistant to Samuel Brownlee's Laboratory of the Mind. After Fontaine revealed to the protagonists that Savannah was killed, Piett suggested that Fontaine give them time to mourn her death and for him to tell them more downstairs.

Appeared in "Carpe Diem," portrayed by South Ferry.

Rachel Ariel

Rachel is one of Samuel's laboratory assistants. She talked with Matthew Rockwell the morning after Samuel let the protagonists stay in his laboratory.

Months later, she was inside as Richard and Yu walked in. After she greeted the two, Yu asked her if she knew Samuel. She repeated her greeting at Yu's question, causing Yu to ask again. Before Rachel could repeat herself a third time, Yu moved past her.

Appeared in "Carpe Diem" and "Silver Lights," portrayed by South Ferry and Quinton1721.

Theo Rosington

Mayor of Silivia and the adopted father of Atticus Anoethite. After Atticus' role in the terrorist attack on Remnant Rock was revealed, Rosington summoned Jordan Walesh to his office and talked to the boy about finding Atticus and his group before the authorities did. Rosington offered the usage of a private investigator to assist.

Appeared in "Silver Lights", portrayed by TheKorraFanatic.

Warren Hughes

Finding Melissa and Savannah standing outside the gate of Silivia, Warren offered to assist them by letting them stay at his house for the night. After a discussion among the two of them, Savannah agreed to go with him, and he led her into the city.

Later, he found Chris standing alone in the street and asked if he was lost. Replying to the android's answer, he mentioned that he wasn't going to hurt him and that a lot of people seemed to be getting lost.

With Chris asking if he encountered any lost people, he replied that he saw two lost girls and assisted one. He then said that he had to go and walked off.

Appeared in "One Night in Gladea" and "Divided we Fall," mentioned in "Hide & Seek," portrayed by TheKorraFanatic, Chase McFly, and Quinton1721.

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