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Hi! ♥

Welcome to my message wall! You can send me a message, though I probably won't reply in the span of at least a month. But don't hesitate!

Just keep in mind these simple rules c:

  • Please don't start drama here.
    • Be civil in your messages.
  • Keep all personal info (personal Instagram, Snapchat, phone number, etc included. Discord tags do not count).
  • Don't send any sort of threats, I will not respond to aggressive messages. I might even close them.
    • Especially, no death threats. I will have you reported to Fandom Staff if you do.
  • Don't comment on threads that haven't been commented on for at least 3-4 months (unless I respond 3-4 months later because I don't check my message wall often :P)
  • This is more of a pet peeve, but please don't capitalize the first letter of every word in your sentence. It makes it hard to read.
  • Don't troll on my message wall.
    • Sending me random messages (like a meme,...) is fine, I guess.
  • If you seek help, or have a problem, contact Staff, not me (unless I am an admin on said wiki, then it that case, you are free to contact me).

Overall, just be a nice chill person, and respect everything in the ToU.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Diebus Mercurii sumus gerunt purpura

If you do want to message me off Wikia, try and catch me in chat and send a PM. Otherwise, send a message to me on a smaller wiki, like [1], or pop me a quick Discord DM. They are open to all ♥

Choose your words wisely.

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