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Melissa Eliza Devlin is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. She is an eighteen year old Nephilim girl who wakes up in an abandoned barn with retrograde amnesia. Finding herself with a group of new companions, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and survival across Euclid.


Melissa Devlin is about average height. She has light chestnut hair that flows over her shoulders in long curly waves when not tied up in a bun or ponytail, and she has large amber eyes that often look brown. Her preferred clothing style before rejoining the Militia was normally black combo jeans and a sleeveless top with dark boots. Now it's her militia uniform, but she still often switches to her favorite setup. She normally wears little to no makeup, but, at bare minimum, she wears a bit of lipstick and powder. Melissa has a small faded scar above her forehead hidden by her hairline and numerous old faded scars along her upper arms and back from combat during her rookie days.


Melissa Devlin is the most passionate of the protagonists. While not always thinking logically, she would rush into unknown dangers to rescue a friend. Sometimes she reverts into a scared girl, but when the moment calls for it she puts her fears and personal feelings aside to do what needs to be done. She refuses to leave a friend in harm's way no matter the cost, which often leads to bad consequences.

Earlier in the first season, she was the most quiet protagonist that often needed comfort, but as time went by and she regained more memories, she turned into a confident but sometimes playful young woman the others would tend to look up to from time to time. Her bond with her brother Steven not only showed her warm, caring side, but also that she had a rebellious personality.


In 301 TP, Melissa and her fraternal twin brother Steven were born to Stanley Devlin and the angel Jenna. To hide the affair, Stanley married a human friend of his and convinced her to adopt both of his children and raise them as her own.

Due to the death of their parents, the two siblings were sent to live with their uncle and aunt, Richard and Binita Devlin, at the age of seven. Raised mostly in Richard's lab, Melissa developed a taste for rebellion as she grew older. Discovering an old militia known as Ackerman Militia, Melissa decided to join the group, only to be disallowed by Richard. At the age of seventeen, Melissa had an argument with her increasingly restricted uncle and left her home to join the group.

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In "Safe Haven" Melissa is shown to use her healing ability for the first time, to heal Blossom's broken legs before leaving to join the Ackerman Militia. While she was gone she developed enhanced athletic abilities, as well as telepathy which she uses to help her squad members.


  • Her mother named her middle name 'Eliza' after her paternal grandmother.
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