"No matter what, I'll never leave a friend behind" - Melissa Devlin

Melissa Eliza Devlin is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. She is an 18-year-old half-angel (a race also known as "Nephilim") girl with light wavy brown hair that comes to her shoulders and dark hazel eyes. Her twin brother is Steven Devlin.


Along with her brother, Steven, Melissa was born to Stanley Devlin and the angel Jenna. Realizing that while her son was completely human, her daughter taking after her was part angel, Jenna begged Stanley to marry a human woman and keep Melissa's abilities a secret for her entire childhood in order to protect her and her brother. Melissa met Atticus and the others after some major injuries resulted in her seeking refuge in a barn. She didn't know who either of her parents were until Season Two.

Role in series

Season one

In the first episode, Melissa is unsure of her background, as she has no memory of what happened before she woke up in the barn with three strangers: Savannah, Chris, and Atticus.

In "Getting Screwed", Melissa abandons Atticus and Marshall, when running from a demon. She is shown later regretting her choice, but believes they are dead, so she continues to go to Silivia, in search of Savannah and answers.

After entering Silivia in "The City of Silver Lights", Melissa runs into a stranger named Richard Smith who helps her to his lab where she is reunited with her brother Steven Devlin and regains a memory about her past.

In "Divided We Fall", Melissa meets Steven, who she discovers is her brother, he comforts her as she express guilt and sorrow as she tells the story about what happened since she woke up in the barn.

In "Hide and Seek", Melissa is exploring the lab with her brother who is concerned for her health, so he insists on a examination, when the examination begins it is interrupted by Beth, with news that Alchemilia Corporation was raiding the city.

"Exit Music" portrays a startled Melissa who then demands to leave the lab to search for Chris Wellington After hearing that Alchem Corp. was searching for him, Steven tries to stop her resulting in an argument between the two and Melissa running into the streets.

"Reunion" starts with a touching scene between Melissa and Atticus. Where Atticus is waking up in a hospital room with melissa next to him, she is very relived to be reunited with her friends as she tells her story of what happened since she entered Silivia and how she ended up at the hospital with him.

In "In Somnis Veritas" it starts off with Melissa and the others being trapped inside a confusing dream world. At one point Melissa's path changes showing her a scene from her past, making her discover a part of herself she had forgotten about. She had been a soldier in Silivian Militia.


Melissa Devlin is caring, protective, and brave. She is a very fun, laidback, and somewhat immature individual, but she has a mature side when needed. She tries her best to be a good friend, but this has been to varying degrees of success. She is known for her sass replies.


Melissa has the ability to heal others, she also has the ability to teleport, but due to the immense fatigue caused by this technique, it is used sparingly. After being returned to normal from her alternate form as Vanessa, she gained the ability to manipulate illusions and cause hallucinations.


Atticus Anoethite

Melissa and Atticus Anoethite make a good team. While they have some arguments and bicker from time to time, they get along very well and have a strong bond.

Chris Wellington

Chris Wellington and Melissa are good friends. They have a few fights once in a while but Melissa always looks out for Chris.

Steven Devlin

Steven Devlin is Melissa's twin brother. They have an extremely strong bond, and her trust of Steven exceeds that of anyone else.

Tessa Lancaster

Tessa Lancaster Colmen helped Melissa after she was kidnapped and turned into Vanessa. Melissa was lead to believe that Tessa Lancaster was a friend and trusted her. However, in Season Three, Tessa Lancaster betrayed Melissa and the rest of the Protagonists.


  • In Season Two, she discovers that her mother is Jenna.
  • Somehow, Tessa Lancaster becomes Melissa's friend later on.
  • Later in Season One, Melissa is given a silver hilt black-bladed dagger that she loves. When she is kidnapped by Kaz, she accidentally leaves her dagger behind. Atticus holds onto it until after Melissa returns to her normal form.
  • Her mother made her middle name Eliza after her father's mother.
  • "Melissa" means "bee" in Greek. This is the name of a nymph that cared for Zeus after he was left by Rhea in Greek mythology. Melissa has been used since the 18th century.
  • "Devlin" This is an Irish surname, meaning "unlucky" or "unfortunate".

In Season Two of The Demon's Light, Vanessa becomes a temporary main antagonist and is the alternate personality of Melissa Devlin. Unlike Melissa, she has black hair and red eyes. She also appears very demonic.


After Kaz sent Giannis to kidnap Melissa in Double Sides, she was taken to The Demon's Fortress and injected with demon blood. Melissa managed to escape and was hiding in the forest in a fragile state when Tessa Lancaster found her and tried to help her.

The demon blood injected into Melissa by Morgan Roots had turned her into a demon-like creature by that point. Unknown to her the angel blood inside her stopped her from transforming into a full demon, but the side-effects caused her to develop multiple personalities creating Vanessa, an evil form of Melissa.


Melissa's personality changed after she developed into Vanessa. She had turned cold and distant, no longer caring for her friends the way she did. She also had a new-found ideology, closely following that of Kaz and the Demon. Now that she was Vanessa she had turned rather bloodthirsty wanting to harm those who were once her friends her soul had turned dark due to the demon blood pulsing through her veins


Due to being injected with demon blood, Melissa gained new abilities as Vanessa. Vanessa has keen senses of hearing, eyesight, and movement.


  • Kaz used Vanessa to his advantage since she was a loved member of the group to cause greater harm to everyone.
  • Jenna, having re-established contact with her daughter, Melissa, after years of not seeing each other, helped the group find a way to cure Melissa before she was gone forever and only Vanessa was left.

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