Marshall Rooke is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light.


Marshall Rooke was born in Silivia, but ran away at the age of 14 when his parents disappeared, as he was scared of being taken by the demons or worse, the angels. Marshall then took up residence in a forest, only armed with a bow and a bag of poison-tipped arrows. Eventually leading him to meet Chris, Melissa, and the rest of the protagonists.


Divided We Fall

Marshall and Atticus walked along the corner and came upon a café. They enter and are handed menus. Marshall stated they don’t need money. They are served food and talk for some time. Atticus brought up the question of how they will pay the meal and Marshall replied they don’t need to. Marshall persuadesd Atticus to run off without paying which led to them being chased by café workers. Marshall and Atticus navigated through the crowd to an alleyway. Marshall seated himself on a crate and they discussed their plan. Marshall gave Atticus a ragged shirt and put one on himself. Marshall looked down and noticed a strange coin, then quickly shoved it in his pocket. He proceeded to make Atticus and himself makeshift cots, along with a bottle as a toilet. He then noticed something in between crates and picked up the rusty pair of scissors and placed them in his other pocket.



Marshall seems to have a great relationship with Chris, since he was the first protagonist to notice Marshall. They get along well.


Marshall has a brother-like relationship with Melissa and Atticus.


Due to currently unknown reasons, Marshall has the power of heightened senses, quick reflexes, passive healing, and extreme jumping ability.


  • Marshall has had more portrayers in the role-play than any other character so far.