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Marshall Rooke II, briefly known as Token Jin, is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light.


Marshall is a tall young man with spiky black hair, light blue eyes, and a strong build. He is of both Thelsh and Halan descent. His attire is very casual — graphic tees, jeans, hoodies, sweatpants — anything one would expect a teenager to wear.

As of "Primo Victoria," he has a large tattoo spanning his entire left arm of a cherry blossom branch.

From "The Less I Know the Better" until "Centuries of Damnation," Marshall began wearing a white tank top, red jacket, jeans, and a pink cap.

From "Centuries of Damnation" until "The Master," he wore a mauve hoodie, jeans, and a gray beanie.


Hot-headed, Marshall often makes rash decisions and rarely listens to others. Having a deep loyalty to his friends, he'll do anything to protect them. He's an assertive individual who often takes on the leadership role.


Marshall was born to Magnus Rooke and Penny Yearling. Magnus was a member of the Svatovid, a Mestonian crime syndicate, while Yearling was an Alchemilia Corporation expeditor. Yearling was not very open about her relationship, keeping her original surname and marrying Magnus in a small, private ceremony.

In his first few years, Marshall received education through Alchemilia's automated education androids. When he was seven years old, Yearling was caught attempting to organize an assassination of Gabriel and other executives — as well as stealing and selling several pieces of Alchemilia technology on the black market. She was held in the Gladea facility's android storage wing with her co-conspirators until Remnant Rock's prison sector was opened. Marshall was sent to Silivia to live with Magnus. He lost access to the tutoring androids, now required to go to public schooling.

In his adolescence, Marshall gained a reputation for delinquency. He found shoplifting and petty thievery incredibly easy and was rarely caught. Magnus did little to curb Marshall's criminal activities. He hoped that his son would put his talents to use for the Svatovid when he was of age. Marshall also harbored an extreme dislike of Alchemilia for taking his mother away from him, which his father shared. These two traits ended in an attempted robbery of Alchemilia Silivia. A neophyte security officer named Sanchez foiled the attempt and had Marshall sent to a juvenile detention center.

At sixteen, Marshall began planning a robbery of Alchemilia Gladea, hoping for better luck there. Disguised as an injured homeless boy named "Token Jin," he would get the attention of Alchemilia's troops. They would take him to the facility under the assumption he was innocent and nonthreatening. Once inside, Marshall planned to steal several valuable items and sell them upon his return to Silivia.

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