This is a list of all the weapons featured in The Demon's Light.


This section is for weapons such as clubs, swords, knives, etc.


The whip belongs to the Tessa Lancaster. It is very powerful, as its tip can reach an insanely high temperature.


Melissa's favorite dagger given to her by her father before he died.


A long spear covered in jewels that can glow in the dark. It is a weapon used by Azul in close combat.

Plasma sword

Chris Wellington and Null come equipped with this weapon, which works like a regular sword and can be used to slice enemies and such, in addition to covering them in plasma.

Rusty scissors

Some pair of rusty scissors Marshall found in the alleyway. They were jammed into a barbershop cash register and almost Baptiste.


This section is for weapons such as guns, magic wands, etc.

FN Five-SeveN

This gun originally belonged to Chris before being given to Atticus. It holds 20 rounds and comes with a flash suppressor.

Throwing knives

Small handheld knives that can be thrown at small distances.


A weapon used in modern times by Azul after his bow gets broken.


The weapons that Harrison and Piercy Provost often use. They are known to use two different kinds of arrows. A kind that is intended to threaten but not kill, and therefore almost never causes fatal harm. And a second kind with hollow points which is usually fatal if aimed correctly.


Stardust Gage

A silver gauntlet decorated with clear gems on the knuckles and a large, round gem on the back of the hand. It is used by the future version of Android 00 - The Hound. When using different abilities, the gems are filled with a glowing light that corresponds to whatever ability is being used. One of Gabriel Alchemilia's most powerful weapons, made from a meteor found within Eden combined with Alchemilia's own technology. When in use, Hound's arm is partially overtaken by a black colouration and "cracking" patterns with colours to match the ability he is using.

It has seven primary functions; Blade Mode (blue), Shield Mode (yellow), Cannon Mode (purple), Whip Mode (pink), Grenade Mode (green), and Electricity Mode (orange.)

Blade Mode

The Blade Mode manifests as a blade made of energy, roughly two feet long and protruding from the knuckles. It is much more powerful than the average Plasma Sword and can cut through nigh anything. The blade itself is blue, as well as the gauntlet when it is in use.

This ability can also be used by Android 01 - Tiger.

Shield Mode

The Shield Mode manifests as a floating, translucent yellow shield that can be moved around alongside the gauntlet. It appears adjacent to the knuckles when his fist is closed. The gauntlet is yellow in this mode.

The four primary Alchemilia Corporation Androids can utilize this ability.

Cannon Mode

The Cannon Mode manifests as bursts of purple energy that can be fired from the knuckles. If he begins to fire a burst of energy and holds it in his fist, it will charge to become more powerful the longer it is held. The gauntlet is purple in this mode.

This ability can also be used by Android 02 - Owl.

Whip Mode

The Whip Mode manifests as a pink whip held in the hand. The gauntlet is pink in this mode.

This ability can also be used by Android 03 - Panther.

Grenade Mode

The Grenade Mode manifests as small balls of bright green energy that can be thrown from the hand. After roughly four seconds, they will explode and cause devastating damage. The gauntlet is green in this mode.

This ability can also be used by Android 00 - The Hound.

Electricity Mode

The Electricity Mode manifests as orange electricity fired from the fingertips. The gauntlet is orange in this mode.

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