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Lisa Fiss is a supporting character in Season Two of The Demon's Light. Due to a personal connection to Atticus Anoethite, she joins a search party looking for him and his companions.


Lisa is a decently tall young woman, standing at 5'7. She has an athletic build with dark blue eyes and black hair — with a single blue highlight on the left side — that reaches down past her shoulders. She has a melancholic sense of fashion, often wearing dark clothing and beanies.


Once an upbeat and happy young woman with a wide social circle, Lisa quickly changed after the death of her mother and the presumed death of her boyfriend, Atticus Anoethite. She developed a somber and bitter personality, quick to snap and put others down. Showing a general distrust of people, she easily slammed Savannah Whitesmith's story down as false and seeking attention. Due to hating angels and demons because of their role in the Great War, she is very proud of her species and is seemingly prejudice against Nephilims.


Lisa Fiss was born on Tuiscos 27th, 300 TP to a lower-class family in Port City, where they lived in rented and shared properties. When she was around six years old, her father managed to get a job in Silivia and the family moved there, eventually improving upon their luck and finally buying their own house. Growing up in Silivia, she became used to its customs and began performing well in school, getting above-average grades. This trend continued until high school, where she met Atticus Anoethite, the adopted son of the governor Theo Rosington, and his friend, Jordan Walesh. Atticus and Lisa eventually developed a romantic relationship.

After three years, their relationship became strained when Atticus decided to leave the city with a new group of friends to hunt demons, despite Lisa and Jordan's advice. Eventually, the group would be found dead on the outskirts of town, with Atticus' body never retrieved. Two months later, Lisa's mother passed away due to cancer.

Mourning, Lisa continued with her life, using her grades to apply to higher education courses and working part-time at a clothing store.

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