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Lisa Fiss is a recurring character of The Demon's Light series. She was the former girlfriend of Atticus Anoethite before he, along with the other members of his demon hunting group, left Silivia. After entering the series in Season Two, she quickly became allies with the protagonists.


Lisa came from an abusive family. As a result, she quickly fled and made a small living on the streets of Silivia. This led to her eventually joining a demon hunting militia and meeting Atticus, her eventual boyfriend. The abusive family led to her to becoming hostile openly, but warm-hearted on the inside as she seeks understanding. After Atticus and the rest of the demon militia decided to leave the city, Lisa, along with Jordan Walesh, separated from the group and her boyfriend, refused to leave the city she grew up in to hunt demons, no matter how much she cared for the group and Atticus.


Lisa Fiss has brown hair streaked with blue highlights, pale skin, brown eyes, and is 5'7 feet tall.


Initially, Lisa displays a very harsh, cold, and hostile personality. This can be correlated with the fact that she comes from a very harsh and rough family. On the inside however, she is quite the warm and caring girl. She truly does care for her friends and family, and would do anything to protect them. Unfortunately, the harsh treatment from her family caused her to be very mistrusting of most people. Few people outside of Atticus and her friend circle know of her true self.


  • Even though Atticus did not remember her when she first entered the series, nor regained his past feelings for her after he did, she was still in love with him throughout the series.
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