Kaz is one of the main antagonists in The Demon's Light.


Kaz, unlike Xeren, never had good intentions. He is a being of pure hate, cruelty, and overall unpleasantness. He was born to Xeren long prior to the events of the series and was groomed by his mother to kill his father so she could take over. Unbeknownst to her, he harbored immense power, enough to kill her and remove his father's soul, though Xeren retaliated before Kaz could finish the job. He had transformed Xeren into a monstrous, horned creature with but a fraction of the power he once had, a megalomaniac creature who operates solely on rage.

After the portal was opened, he manipulated Xeren into becoming an unknowing puppet of Kaz's own control and convinced him to wage war on Euclid to rule it once again. In the last days of the Great War, a third army joined independent of the Angels and Demons. It slaughtered the majority of its enemies, with a large amount joining Xeren. Kaz knew that this was the only way to spread more corruption, and he found it quite amusing. So amusing, in fact, that he decided that all resistance be crushed. After Xeren was done with that Kaz would take over, as he believed. Unfortunately for him, a group of teenagers began to thwart his every scheme. Kaz, needless to say, was not happy. Not happy at all.


Kaz is a lanky, young man with two eyes that are pure black. He wears a black shozoku with a deep red scarf around his mouth. Across his arms are light bone plating, the ends of each plate protruding for attack purposes. His hair is long, straight, and pure white. It goes down to his shoulders.



Kaz was the one responsible for turning the god of Euclid into a raging beast. Before these events, Xeren was loving to his son, and Kaz put on the facade of loving him back. Xeren hates Kaz, now, and would have killed him if it weren't for his power and usefulness. Kaz has subtly manipulated Xeren into following Kaz's own motives.

The Protagonists

Kaz has made it his mission to stop them from getting in the way of Xeren's conquest, be it by death or corruption.

Tessa Lancaster

Tessa Lancaster is Kaz's sister. She feels hatred for him, as he put their father through agony, and Kaz sees her as a traitor.


Kaz is a powerful demigod with the power to corrupt souls and turn them into demon-like versions of themselves. He used a more advanced version of this power to fully remove Xeren's soul. He is also skilled with a variety of weapons.


  • Kaz's primary weapon is a bastard sword, though he also uses a chain whip.
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