Katherine Blackrite is a minor character in The Demon's Light. She is a devoted scientist working for Alchem. Corp as one of the top Alchemists, with her research focusing on anything related to time and alternate universes.


Katherine is a lean woman, standing at around 5"9 in height. She has dark brown hair that is usually tied into a ponytail, resting on her head with matching brown eyes covered up with a simple pair of glasses. She wears a lab coat at all times (even when she's not working), over a completely plain light pink shirt. Her pants and shoes are a dull gray.

She always looks very tired but refuses to say anything on the matter. Katherine's right arm was lost as a child, and was recently replaced with a cybernetic right arm made by Katherine herself. The arm, however, is obviously not real - and she makes no attempts to hide this. 


Katherine is a bitter and cold woman, and she is not afraid to show this directly. While she is extremely intelligent, she is also very arrogant and often refuses to listen to others. She enjoys studying others intensely for the sole purpose of insulting them, thinking of it as a game. In that regard, she's actually very good at reading people even when they're trying to hide their emotions - but it's not like she's going to do any good with that skill.

The one man she shows even a glimmer of respect for is Gabriel Alchemilia himself. She idolizes him and his infinite quest for knowledge, to the point where some find it rather disturbing. While she is content, simply working for his company, she would one day like to work on a project alongside the great Gabriel himself.


As a child, Katherine was diagnosed with a dangerous disease. If left untreated, it would either kill her or leave her severely crippled for the rest of her life. Her family sought a cure for this disease, but there were none in existence at the time of Katherine's childhood. As the disease began to overcome her, her right arm became severely infected and had to be amputated as a result.

When all hope seemed lost for the girl and her family, a scientist known as Gabriel Alchemilia proposed a supposed antidote to the disease. Though he was evasive when questioned of its origin, the treatment was a success and Katherine survived with only her arm lost. Because of this, she grew great respect for Gabriel, aspiring to one day become a great scientist just like him.

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