Kailan Frost is a minor character in The Demon's Light. She is a 15 year old who lives as a guard in Silivia.


Due to being a werewolf hybrid, Kailan understands what it is like to be seen as a monster. Kailan has two forms. In one, she is a kind pacifist and collected. While she is in the other, she has a need and thirst for battle and will stop at nothing to kill her opponents. She often tries to hide this, as her behaviors tend to turn people away and make her seem cold and heartless.

Role in series



Kailan fights using an iron sword or an ax. She has excellent senses, which she uses to locate her enemies. Kailan is extremely skilled when fighting in forests or other places with places to hide. She tends to enjoy fighting alone, but with a team she can work and be even stronger.

Physical appearance

Kailan has long purple hair and blue eyes. Her ears and tail are the same shade of purple as her hair. When Kailan loses control her eyes become blood red. She is almost never seen without her diamond necklace. Kailan often wears white and other light colors to symbolize that there is always light.


Kailan is a quiet, cool, and collected person, but when rage takes over she cannot be controlled. Kailan is a warrior and protector at heart and never holds anything against anybody. Her ideal personality is to always be able to stay composed and empathetic, but she understands that sometimes peace can not be fully kept.


  • Kailan's favorite color is silver.
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