Jordan Walesh is a minor character in The Demon's Light.


Jordan is a tall, dark-skinned 16 year-old male. He has a dark brown afro and brown eyes. Jordan typically wears a bright yellow jacket, a blue shirt, and gray pants.


Prior to The Demon's Light, Jordan was born in an industrial city within Thales. The city was well equipped to deal with demon attacks and Xeren's army, so Jordan was able to live a normal life with his family. Jordan later met Atticus Anoethite, who he would consider his best friend for several years. Their relationship would later become strained after Atticus met Lisa Fiss.

However, this would not be the end of their friendship. A couple years later, during Season One, Lisa realized Atticus was missing. It was Jordan who she contacted to help find him. Jordan suggested that he was probably in another city in Thales. This proved to be correct, as Lisa found the protagonists in Silivia. While Atticus, Melissa, Chris, and Marshall had reclaimed some memories, Lisa was dismayed that Atticus had the least memories, not even remembering Jordan.

She took the protagonists to meet him, where Jordan reintroduced Atticus to basketball. Since Atticus proved to be especially good at it, the two rekindled their friendship, with Jordan becoming an ally of the protagonists.


Jordan is a natural leader, and he likes to help people out in any given way.


Jordan is good at playing basketball and lifting heavy weights.


  • He really likes to discuss how great it feels having been Atticus' first friend.
  • He used to not believe in demons, believing it to be an isolationist technique for his town.
  • Jordan sometimes wishes that he had supernatural abilities, as he revealed to Atticus when they reunited.
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