Jordan Walesh is a supporting character in The Demon's Light. He is a long-term friend of Atticus Anoethite that was introduced in Season Two.


Jordan is a thin, dark-skinned 16-year-old male. He has short, thick, messy dark brown hair, and a skinny face with prominent eyes.

He commonly wears a lightweight red jacket with a black t-shirt and red shorts.


Jordan is known to be intelligent and is fond of rules and order. He is very analytical and tends to second-guess everything he comes across. Mostly, he acts as a voice of reason, though reluctantly goes against this in rare cases.


Jordan was born in a lower-class neighborhood of Silivia to a nursing student and an employee of Alchemilia Corporation.

He first met his close friend, Atticus Anoethite, at school when they were around 12 years old. At first, Jordan was friends with Atticus only for studying his behavior and mannerisms, as he was a troublemaker. Overtime, though, he and Atticus would become closer friends, and Jordan would often reluctantly skip classes to play basketball with him at a park.

After meeting Sebastian Cloverdale at the park, Atticus and Jordan became friends with him, often spending their afternoons all together. Eventually, Sebastian invited Atticus and Jordan to meet his other friends. Jordan refused, but to his disapproval, Atticus agreed and met with Sebastian's gang of friends.

A few weeks later, Atticus came to Jordan for his advice on joining Sebastian's demon hunting group. He told him not to join and that it would be foolish to do such. Atticus disagreed with him and joined the group shortly after. After Atticus left town with Sebastian and his friends, he was declared dead due to a group of Silivian guards discovering the remains of most of the group members.

Jordan heavily mourned his friend, but continued to push through life and towards achieving his goal of becoming a detective.

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