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Jenna, commonly referred to as Jen, is a minor angel character in The Demon's Light. Jen is introduced in Season Two, where she is revealed to be the mother of Melissa Devlin and Delilah Sage. Jen has long sliver hair, akin to her daughter Delilah. Her eyes are a beautiful hazel, matching Melissa. She appears to be in her late 20's even though she is much older.


Jen was a former member of the angel's army. Due to never truly siding with their beliefs and practices, she left it after a short serving. This action resulted in her becoming an outcast among her own species. Her ousting was made worse because in contrast to the dominant angel belief, Jen believed that Euclid was not to be owned by one dominant species that enslaved or killed others. Jen successfully blended in with the humans, and met Melissa's father after several years. After the birth of her daughters, Melissa Devlin and Delilah Sage, Jen knew her half-angel children would become targets. In order to protect them, she designed a way to pass them off as human; just as she did to herself. Due to her actions, neither children were aware of their supernatural ties until they were much older. Jen came back into their lives after being informed of the events that were surrounding her older child Melissa.

Role in Series

As one of the oldest Angels from Euclid, she plays an important role after her entry in Season Two. She aids the protagonists, by informing them about the angel race and the truth behind certain events.


Jen is a rather kind, intelligent being who stays on the sidelines, but often has a big hand in ongoing events.
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