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Hybrids are offspring born from parents of different species. Three sentient hybrid species are native to Euclid: Nephilim (angel and human), Tieflings (human and demon) and Cambion (angel and demon). Other species of hybrids involving deities have been known to exist.

Due to the conflict between the angels, demons, and humans, hybrids were rarely born. Alchemilia Corporation's Genetics Department created artificial tieflings by fusing demon cells with those of human subjects.


Biology and appearance

Nephilim are a race of beings who are half-human and half-angel. They can be created by combining angelic energies with the human soul or born as the children of a human and an angel. They initially appear to be perfectly normal humans. Some Nephilim will side with the angels, although most will side with the humans. They first appear in Season One with Melissa Devlin and Steven Devlin, though neither are aware of their angelic heritage at the time.

Notable Nephilim


Biology and appearance

Tieflings are a race of beings who are half-human and half-demon. They can be created through gene therapy on human subjects (Artificial Tieflings) or born naturally. They initially appear to be perfectly normal humans, although they can appear more demon-like. Most Tieflings are allied with the organization to which their parent belongs. A racial slur for the species is "Imp," as they are widely hated by human civilization.

Notable Tieflings


Biology and appearance

Cambion are the race of beings who are half-demon and half-angel. They are very rare since demons and angels are typically known to be enemies. They physically appear identical to either an angel or demon, or perhaps a stranger concoction of both. They have far more control, not constricted to the angel or demon militaries, though they are far more accepted by the demons than the perfectionist culture of the angels. Many Cambion hate both angels and demons.

Notable Cambion

  • Ki'Yoki


A hybrid born from a deity and a demon. Ifriti have variable levels of inborn Aegis-class reality manipulation abilities.

Notable Ifriti


Hybrids with angelic and deific heritage. Their inborn abilities are theoretically greater than that of an ifrit, however djinn are entirely hypothetical and none have ever been recorded.