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Headre is a location in Muné. It is an old town, abandoned by humans and infested with skinwalker demons.


Headre is an old-fashioned and gated community, with ancient buildings dating back to a better time in humanity's history.

  • There is a hotel. It is comprised of two floors, accessed by an elevator. There is a desk clerk in the lobby. Each room comes with necessities as well as a television.
  • A rustic-looking florist.
  • A smoke shop.
  • An antique shop.
  • A seafood restaurant.
  • Many residential structures.


Before the Second Great War, Headre was a thriving community of humans, with a population of 3,000. Headre was also home to various animal species, common for the Muné setting. Unfortunately, Mune was also the continent to face the most damage from the demons, and therefore many cities suffered. The citizens of Headre were pacifists, which the skinwalker demons who entered used to their advantage. Some humans managed to flee Headre forever, but most were murdered by demons, who proceeded to assume their identities. The demons would continue this ruse for ages, hoping to lure humans in with a false sense of hospitality and prey upon them for food.