For the special, see Harvest Moon (tale).

Harvest Moon is a holiday in The Demon's Light. It occurs every Elos 27-30.


Harvest Moon is celebrated over the course of three days.

On the first day, a banner varying in size is hung on the door of one's residence and place of business. However, many families take it further. Some decorate the entire interior or exterior with various seasonal items, like strings of popcorn or paper figures or place scented candles and pinecones around rooms. In the evening, the day is ended with a large feast, usually with one's family or friends.

The second day is celebrated by an outing to festivals within one's town. Silivia holds one of the biggest festivals, as well as Port City. The festival consists of vendors and games, as well as the occasional performance. In Silivia, the day ends with a large fireworks display funded by a few private donors.

The third day is a solemn one. It is one of remembrance of those who have passed away, as well as one's ancestors. A small shrine is set up in one's house, filled with pictures and a bowl of oil in the center. A feast at the end of the day is accompanied by a lighting of one candle set in the front window of one's house.

Many small businesses close their shops over the holiday, though it is not required.

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