Halflings meaning half human, is the collective term for three hybrid races. Those races being the Nephilim (half-human and half-angel), Tieflings (half-human and half-demon), and the Neptieflings (half-demon and half-angel).


Biology and appearance

Nephilim are a race of beings who are half any non-angel species and half-angel. They can be created by combining angelic energies with the human soul or born as the children of a human and an angel. They initially appear to be perfectly normal humans. Some Nephilim will side with the angels, although most will side with the humans. They first appear in Season One with Melissa Devlin, though she is not aware of her angelic powers at the time.

The Great War

After the great war started, many Nephilim were killed or went into hiding (since the angels who didn't have half-human offspring believed that having Nephilim around weakened their race and that Nephilim were only hybrid filth.) The demons wanted all angels and their offspring wiped off the face of Euclid, and many Nephilim were killed by them as well.

Notable Nephilim


Biology and appearance

Tieflings are the race of beings who are half any species and half-demon. They can be created though combining demonic energies with the human soul, or born naturally. They initially appear to be perfectly normal humans, although they can appear more demon-like. Most Tieflings are allied with the organization to which their parent belongs. They first appear in Season One with Savannah Whitesmith, although everyone is unaware of her demon father until later in the series.

Notable Tieflings


Biology and appearance

Neptieflings is the race of beings who are half-demon and half-angel. They are very rare since demons and angels are typically known to be enemies. They physically appear identical to an angel or demon. They have the control to be a part of any army they want, unlike angels and demons, whom are typically forced to become part of the same army as their parents. Most Neptieflings hate both angels and demons.

Notable Neptieflings

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