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Hala is one of the 5 continents of Euclid. It is the birthplace of Blossom Cane.


Hala is home to 75 million inhabitants. Southern Hala has around 5 million people whereas the middle/northern regions have a combined 70 million inhabitants.


There are 3 regions in Hala. The desert, the lush flatlands, and the mountainous taigas. Southern Hala is made up of strictly desert, and is very barren and harsh. Many people do not live in the Southern Halan regions due to its extremities. The flatlands are the most populous area of Hala, with the lush green forests and lands. The capital, Ku'Yoki, is located in this region. Taigas are present in northern Hala with many people fleeing there due to war. Because of the mountainous area, it offers great protection.


There are 10 cities in Hala.

  • Ku'Yoki (Capital)
  • Maling
  • Hali
  • Louhwark
  • Shaka
  • Klin
  • Zhutofa
  • Suilta
  • Nadi Shehar
  • Zarwasa


  • Nadi Shehar (اردو: ندی شہر) is based off the Urdu term for "River Town", which was chosen because of the placement of the town directly next to a river, and the fact that Southern Hala represents the modern-day Arab world.
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