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The Global Union, or GU, is a peacekeeping and law enforcement organization for the remaining nations and cities of Euclid. The Global Union plays a major role in Season Two, during which they pursue the Port City Eight due to their crimes at Remnant Rock.


Due to the dwindling human population as a result of the Second Great War, the Global Union was created in 78 TP by Mirek Koval. Originally, it was a simple council and representatives from each continent met every six months to discuss the war and aid to each other, with their meeting locations private for security reasons. Because of deaths in the war, representatives were often changed.

Around 100 TP, meetings became more frequent and the union undertook some changes, becoming a judicial and international police force, with various nations pledging their resources to the group. War criminals were tried in front of the GU court, with convicted prisoners sent to Zamhareer, an underground prison in the Nuyövian state Stvitel.

In the mid-150s, Hala was expelled from the Global Union due to their new leader, Ki'Yoki, siding with the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition and creating inhumane conditions on the continent.

Using a parliamentary form of government, the leadership of the Global Union is unknown to the general public.


Name Gender Age Position
Atlas Dyer Male 68 Prime Minister
As Prime Minister, Atlas Dyer has the most control over Global Union affairs. Elected to a single six-year term, he has the power to call the union into session, controls their funds and military actions, and is able to veto any legislature they create.
Jessica Morin Female 62 Deputy Prime Minister
With the same term limitations as the Prime Minister, Jessica Morin takes on a more judicial form in her role. She presides over every trial, and even though Ministers are allowed to vote on verdicts, she has the final say. She is also able to grant pardons.
Theo Rosington Male 43 Minister
As the governor of Silivia, Theo Rosington has an automatic seat as a minister. Like other ministers, his role includes drafting and voting on legislature, assisting in allocating resources for the second Great War, and serving as a jury in court cases. Due to a conflict of interest, Rosington was unable to vote on the conviction of the Port City Eight.
Oliver Baldwin Male 36 Minister
The Prime Minister of Stvitel. Originally an insurgent leader in Stvitel's civil war, Baldwin became Prime Minister after a successful coup d'état in 299 TP.
Heidi Forwater Female 34 Minister
The President of Sampi. Forwater is a career politician with a religious background. She has emphasized individual freedom, non-violent conflict resolution and economic reform. She was opposed to the conviction of the Port City Eight, citing her opposition to the use of capital punishment and the questionable circumstances of their arrest.
Eseme Salamanca Female 57 Minister
Former mayor of Mcyne, Muné. Formerly a general, she has experience in organizing troops and laying siege upon demon and Halan-controlled territory in attempts to reclaim large swaths of her home continent. Salamanca supported the Port City Eight's conviction due to the belief that their escalations of conflicts in Muné proved their guilt.
Yann DuPont Male 76 Minister
Prime Minister of the Confederation of Southern Thelsh States. He is the most senior member of Union. During the Port City Eight trial, he opposed their conviction, citing crimes committed by Alchemilia Corporation on the Thelsh people.
Adrian Foss Male 51 Minister
Former advisor to the baron of Polswich and current mayor of the city. Due to supporting the actions of the Ackerman Militia and a history of opposing Alchemilia Corporation, he opposed the conviction of the Port City Eight.
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