Gladea is a town in Thales. It is located west of Silivia and home to the unique Gladean Oaks.


  • White and Red Bird bridges: Long ago, a group of explorers were building two bridges across the Keh River. The group ran out of easily accessible wood, so the leader sent a party out to find some. A member got distracted by two birds, a red and a white one. He followed the birds and he discovered a stockpile of timber. The group finished the bridge and the leader created two signs, one for each of the bridge, the Red and White Bird bridges.
  • Dirt paths: After many years of hundreds of thousands of feet walking along these trails, it has carved out pathways for humans to travel easily through the dense forests of Gladea.
  • Mill: An aged mill originally used for a now-abandoned farm.
  • Docks: The docks are where boats can be moored. It is primarily used by a ferry captain who takes tourists on tours up and down the Keh River.
  • Barn: The barn is an old barn previously owned by Andrew Wellington. It is where Savannah Whitesmith discovered Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, and Melissa Devlin.
  • Alchemilia Corporation building: Main article: Alchemilia Corporation
  • Alchemilia garage: Alchemilia Corporation uses this garage to store vehicles. To enter, it is required to show identification at the security booth.

Natural features

  • Keh River: The Keh River runs up and down Thales. It flows north to south. The mouths of the river are brackish, and it forms a delta at both ends.
  • Lake Castiel: Lake Castiel is a reservoir of water in which the Keh River runs through. It connects the northern and southern end of the Keh River.


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