Gladea is a town located in Thales. It is west of Silivia. It is home to Gladean Firs.


Marshall's hideout

After his aunt died, Marshall resorted to petty crime to get by. Soon, the police as well as Alchemilia Corporation were after him. He fled to Gladea where he created a hideout where he would be living until he came across a group of teens.

White and Red Bird bridges

Long ago, a group of explorers were building two bridges across the Keh River. The group ran out of easily accessible wood, so the leader sent a party out to find some. A member got distracted by two birds, a red and a white one. He followed the birds and he discovered a stockpile of timber. The group finished the bridge and the leader created two signs, one for each of the bridge, the Red and White Bird bridges.

Dirt paths

After many years of hundreds of thousands of feet walking along these trails, it has carved out pathways for humans to travel easily through the dense forests of Gladea.

The mill


The docks are where boats can be moored. It is primarily used by a ferry captain who takes tourists on tours up and down the Keh River.

The barn

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Alchemilia Corporation building

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Alchemilia garage

The Alchemilia Corporation garage is where Alchem. Corp. stores their vehicles. To enter, it is required to show identification at the security booth.

Natural features

Keh River

The Keh River runs up and down Thales. It flows north to south. The mouths of the river are brackish, and it forms a delta at both ends.

Lake Castiel

Lake Castiel is a reservoir of water in which the Keh River runs through. It connects the northern and southern end of the Keh River.

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