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Gladea is a forested town in Thales. It is located a few terrs west of Silivia and home to the Wellingtons and Shen Li.


  • Alchemilia Corporation building: Main article: Alchemilia Corporation
  • Alchemilia garage: Alchemilia Corporation uses this garage to store vehicles. To enter, it is required to show identification at the security booth.
  • Barn: The barn is an old barn previously owned by Andrew Wellington. It is where Savannah Whitesmith discovered Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, and Melissa Devlin. It has been abandoned for centuries. The building is rundown and overgrown grass populates the property.
  • Errol's mill: An aged mill originally used for a now-abandoned blacksmith shop. Nearby, there is also a waterside cottage.
  • Pink Bird Bridge: Named after a rare pink bird, the bridge is used hundreds of times daily by Alchemilia to travel across the Keh River.
  • Shen's badger farm: Shen Li runs a smallholding farm at his residence in Gladea. He raises badgers which are sheered to create soft furs for clothing. The building is small and influenced by Halan architecture.
  • Wellington house: The Wellington family lives in a small home not far from Alchemilia Corporation.

Natural features

  • Keh River: The Keh River runs up and down Thales. Though long, it is not particularly wide.
  • Lake Castiel: Lake Castiel is a reservoir of water in which the Keh River runs through.