"What is your bidding, my master?" —Giannis, kneeling before his master

Giannis Castellanos is a recurring antagonist in The Demon's Light. He is the human apprentice of Kaz.


Giannis was born into a poor village on the outskirts of Silivia. The village was comprised of those unable to live in Silivia. While he was unable to enjoy the life of leisure that children in the city had, he still made the most of his situation. Castellanos, along with his older sister, enjoyed playing with the village's children. His mother, a nurse, and his father, a teacher, enjoyed seeing their son flourish and be happy in the face of adversity.

Unfortunately, this blissful life would come an end at the hands of Kaz, the rogue son of Xeren. In a fit of anger, Kaz ravaged the entire village and surrounding area. Giannis would witness his mother and father killed in front of him, all at the young age of 6. As the young boy tearfully explored the ruins of his home, he would be met with the shadowy figure of the rogue Demigod. As Kaz prepared to strike down Giannis as he did his parents, he stopped for a moment. This was, in fact, the first time Kaz was met face to face with a child as young as Giannis. Thinking of the what he could do with the boy, Kaz snatched the boy, bringing him to his fortress -- to train him as a personal assassin.

At Kaz' fortress, Kaz soon engaged the young Giannis in ruthless, brutal training. From a young age, Castellanos partook in things like obstacle courses, waterboarding, and carrying heavy objects. His training took up the majority of the day, and he was only allowed small breaks to eat and sleep.

When he reached adult-hood, Kaz would finally gift him with demonic abilities. As an adult, Giannis learned the technique of shape-shifting -- allowing him to transform into shadows or copies of other people. Once he mastered these abilities, Kaz would formally induct him as his personal apprentice.

As Kaz' apprentice, Giannis became a full fledged terror. Infused with the hatred of his master and years of training, he killed several targets, as instructed to do so by Kaz. Only once did he attempt to kill his master -- this led to him being starved and beaten for several days.

Role in Series

Giannis kidnaps Melissa Devlin as part of his training. He takes her to Kaz' fortress, and transforms her into Vanessa.


Due to the brutal training by the man who killed his parents, Giannis has little to no personality. He is a man of rage and hatred, much like his master. During his meditations, he sometimes remembers his past, blissful life -- though these memories are quickly buried by himself.

Giannis continues to serve Kaz with the hope that one day, he will acquire enough power to murder his master for the pain he caused him.


Giannis is a 6'0 ft, 190 pounds, and 20 years old. He has fairly light skin, and short black hair. He is lean and muscular. His eyes are unique -- shining a bright yellow. This is the result of a "gift" from Kaz, to make him look more threatening.

Once Giannis was inducted as Kaz' apprentice, he was given extravagant demonic robes. Giannis wears a sleeveless top, consisting of silver, metal armor. His pants are tight and black, with metallic boots matching his top. His left hand consists of sharp, brass knuckles. He wears a large, dark red hood, which covers most of his face. His two swords rest on his waist-buckle.


Giannis acquired several strengths and abilities during his training with Kaz. In terms of brute strength, he outclasses any human. His weapon of choice is two swords, forged during his training. Kaz made the blades extremely high in temperature, making them quite effective and dangerous.

Giannis' is able to shape-shift to great lengths. He is capable of projecting himself into a shadow, which allows him to levitate and transcend great distances. This is his main method of transportation, while also allowing him to evade attacks in combat. Giannis may also transform into an identical copy of any humanoid he has seen before. The copy is an exact replica, save the eyes; which are the glowing yellow of Giannis.


  • He considers himself homeless, even though he has quarters in Kaz's fortress.
  • He likes to travel a lot.
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