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The following is a list of genealogies for various families in The Demon's Light.


Anoethite family tree.png
  • On the continent of Nuyö, the Arsene family parent Luther, Gabriel, and Bea Arsene.
  • In 277 TP, Elena Anoethite is born to Stefan and Paget Anoethite of Thales.
  • Due to his lifestyle, Gabriel has many illegitimate children with various women.
  • In 297 TP, Elena enters into a relationship with Gabriel Alchemilia.
  • In 301 TP, Elena informs Gabriel that she is pregnant. Gabriel ends the relationship with Elena and leaves her to raise Atticus on her own.
  • On Nialus 16th, 302 TP, Atticus Anoethite is born.
  • In 304 TP, after the death of his mother, Atticus is put in an Silivian orphanage and adopted by Theo Rosington and his wife.


Brownlee family tree.png
  • Lorenzo Brownlee creates oil company "Gold Standard." The company was able to grow from Lorenzo's oil discoveries and through merging with other companies. The company provided energy for much of the Munese population as The Great War ravaged the continent.
  • In 251 TP, Lorenzo met a Thelsh woman named Illy Novak. The two marry.
  • After several years of living in the Muné city Valkyria, Lorenzo purchased a large manor for Illy and himself. Though Lorenzo was less involved in the remote town, he remained an active participant in company decisions.
  • In 252 TP, the manor is ravaged by a brutal storm. A weak foundation leaves it almost entirely destroyed. Lorenzo is presumed dead and Gold Standard disbands shortly after.
  • Illy flees from Muné to Thales after the town is destroyed and left vulnerable to attack. The trip takes a year and she arrived in Silivia.
  • After living in Silivia for two years, Illy meets a man named Alexander Martinez. The two eventually have a son named Sammy Brownlee in 257 TP.
  • Sammy Brownlee meets Alyssa Kinsley in 278 TP. They marry, having Samuel Brownlee in 281 TP.


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Li family tree.png
  • Shen Li is born to Jianyu and Zhang Li.
  • Shen Li and Sunshine Meng marry.
  • Shen and Sunshine Li give birth to Wen Li on Vritras 49, 249 TP in Hala.
  • Shen and Sunshine Li divorce and Shen moves to Thales with Wen in 253 TP. Sunshine retains the Li surname.
  • Wen Li marries Yu Xiao.


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Wellington Family Tree.png
  • Andrew Wellington was an executive at Alchemilia Corporation before he left to form his own company, Wellington Robotics.
  • Andrew married a woman named Lillian and had two children, Chadwick and Hailey.
    • The nine androids created by Andrew Wellington before he started his factory, Chris, Cheryl, Caroline, Hannah, Liam, Hayden, Helena and Charles, also considered him their father.
  • Dexter Wellington was the last living descendant of Andrew and Chadwick Wellington by 319 TP.