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"It's time to end this little pissing match." —Gabriel Arsene, "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Gabriel Arsene II is an antagonist in The Demon's Light. He is the CEO of Alchemilia Corporation, a faction that has been under his family's control since its inception.


Gabriel is a thin man in his late 30s, with a full head of medium-length white hair. His face is angular and his eyes are sharp and green. Normally he wears contact lenses, though on occasion, Gabriel wears a pair of glasses.

Gabriel usually wears business suits in light colors. During Don't Fear the Reaper, Gabriel wore a flaxen-colored shirt and a white suit.


Gabriel Arsene is a charismatic, charming figure and talented scientist. He is a Machiavellian businessman who desires to uphold the legacy of his family and their power at any cost. Gabriel is prone to aggression and bursts of emotion.


Gabriel Arsene was born in Thales to the aristocratic Arsene family. His father, Didier Arsene, groomed Gabriel to take over the family's business, a massive technology conglomerate. Gabriel's namesake, Gabriel Arsene I, was the company's founder. At a young age, Gabriel became an accomplished polymath.

Growing up, Gabriel was mostly influenced by Didier, an unfaithful husband and cold father. A friend and employee of Didier's, Wen Li, mentored the young Gabriel and took on a fatherly role where Didier neglected to. Li eventually left the company after a falling out with Didier, and made his exit from Gabriel's life.

At an event hosted in Alchemilia's Silivia headquarters, Gabriel met the journalist Elena Anoethite. The two would develop a years-long romantic relationship that eventually culminated in the conception of a child. After some deliberation, Gabriel ultimately left Elena and the child, the two never seeing each other again.

Years after the relationship, Didier passed away and Gabriel took his role as CEO. Gabriel began a transhuman genetics experiment known as Project Voight alongside Abram Pavlovic. This controversial endeavor involved unwilling human experimentation on Alchemilia prisoners.


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