"It's time to end this little pissing match." —Gabriel Alchemilia, "Primo Victoria: Part II"

Gabriel Alchemelia, born Gabriel Arsene, is an antagonist in The Demon's Light. He is over three centuries old and hails from the continent of Nuyö. He is the founder and one of the chairmen of Alchemilia Corporation.


Gabriel physically appears as a man in his early thirties, with a full head of short, straight white hair. His face is angular and his eyes are sharp and green. Normally he wears contact lenses, though on occasion, Gabriel wears a pair of glasses.

Gabriel usually wears business suits in light colors such as green, white, or lavender. Following the destruction of Remnant Rock and subsequent collapse of his corporation, Gabriel loses one of his pinkie fingers and gains a scar on his right eye, which he covers up with a pair of red-tinted sunglasses. He dresses in an off-white suit with red undershirts, forgoing a tie.


Gabriel Alchemilia is a very calm and collected man, though when angered or stressed, he is prone to flying into manic fits that he often keeps at bay via the use of prescription drugs. Gabriel is a chronic womanizer and charismatic speaker.


Gabriel Alchemilia was born in Nuyö in the Bitter Coast region to two upper class individuals from Stvitel (formerly known as Rodina) named Didier and Helena Arsene, in a well-off family of doctors and other intellectual professions known as the Arsene family. He followed in their footsteps along with his three siblings, only one of which was older than him. Luther Arsene, Bea Arsene, and Oedipus Arsene, with Gabriel being younger than Luther.

While they were all geniuses in their own right, Luther was a prodigy beyond any of the others. Gabriel put his work as a surgeon second, preferring to spend time with an entourage of girls he did not ever remember the names of, while Luther worked on making advances towards curing a number of prion-related diseases. While Gabriel spent his time looking in the mirror and carefully managing every strand of hair, Luther would return to school in order to make progress in the fields of robotics. Gabriel was never envious, as he knew deep down that he was second to his brother and it did not bother him at all.

He joined Luther in his interest in robotics, and together the prodigies developed a prototype of a humanoid android capable of surpassing a human in combat prowess. Luther had Gabriel, the mastermind of the design, present it to the local government and they found themselves with a government-funded project and their own startup company, 'Alchemists Co.', later renamed to Alchemilia Corporation as it became a massive institution. At some point, Gabriel hired a man named Andrew Wellington and entered into an affair with Wellington's wife.

Through their collective genius, they made incredible strides culminating in a project that was shrouded in secrecy, later known as the Alchemilia Wormhole Project. During the formative years of this project, Luther departed from his administrative position to focus solely on the work itself. Gabriel, alone in charge of the company, became a celebrity in the intellectual community. Due to Cicero's war against the Powers and humanity as a whole, the local government swiftly force Gabriel to focus the Wormhole Project on bringing the legendary rivals of Cicero's demons, known as the angels, from Eden.

Upon completion of the project, Gabriel found himself immortal with Luther vanishing, presumably sent to Eden by the machine.


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