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"It's time to end this little pissing match." —Gabriel Alchemilia, "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Gabriel Alchemilia, born Gabriel Arsene, is an antagonist in The Demon's Light. He is over three centuries old and hails from the continent of Nuyö. He is the founder and one of the chairmen of Alchemilia Corporation.


Gabriel physically appears as a man in his early thirties, with a full head of medium-length straight white hair. His face is angular and his eyes are sharp and green. Normally he wears contact lenses, though on occasion, Gabriel wears a pair of glasses.

Gabriel usually wears business suits in light colors. During Don't Fear the Reaper, Gabriel wore a flaxen-colored shirt and a white suit.


Gabriel Alchemilia is a very calm and collected man, though when angered or stressed, he is prone to flying into manic fits that he often keeps at bay via the use of prescription drugs. Gabriel is a chronic womanizer and charismatic speaker.


Gabriel Alchemilia was born in Nuyö to the aristocratic Arsene family. His parents, Didier and Helena Arsene, pushed him and his siblings to pursue the sciences. At a young age, Gabriel became an accomplished polymath.

Gabriel grew up very close to his younger sister Bea, while his older brother Luther was rarely around the rest of their family. Eventually, when Gabriel graduated, he was contacted by Luther and invited to work with him. Luther and Gabriel together founded Alchemists Co. after establishing themselves with the creation of a complex combat android. The two established a defense contract with the local military. When Gabriel presented Luther with the idea to move their services to the private sector, a conflict arose and Luther left the company.

Gabriel, now in charge of the company alone, invited his younger sister and a college friend, Andrew Wellington, to work with him. The trio formed the new Alchemilia Corporation, and Gabriel became fascinated with the idea of being a celebrity in the scientific community. Andrew and Gabriel butted heads often, and eventually Andrew was able to steal prototype android schematics. He would later go on to form Wellington Robotics, a competitor to Alchemilia.

Gabriel and Bea were contacted by the government once again when Gabriel presented them with a rough draft of his plans for a functioning inter-dimensional portal. The Alchemilia Wormhole Project began under Gabriel's personal supervision. When Cicero and the demon army arrived on Euclid, the Rodinan government put more pressure on the project in order to bring the angels from Eden. When the project hit numerous roadblocks, Luther was contacted by Gabriel. He reluctantly agreed to assist, and he was moved to a covert facility in Thales.

Luther, Gabriel, and Bea were able to finalize the project, making contact with Eden. Upon activating the wormhole, Luther appeared to be vaporized following a bright flash of light. The angels arrived in the facility and began their invasion of Euclid, with Gabriel and Bea narrowly surviving. The Alchemilia Corporation Testing Facility would later become the angel army's headquarters on Euclid.

Gabriel and Bea, years after the incident, would go on to establish Alchemilia Corporation as a dominant force in Thales, using the military weaponry they had produced to strong-arm their way into considerable influence. Alchemilia Corporation proceeded as normal, though now with a standing army behind them. When Bea began to age and eventually die of natural causes, Gabriel found that he himself hadn't aged at all since the portal was opened. He hypothesized that this was a result of the same energy wave that killed Luther.

Gabriel centered his new power in the forest community of Gladea, in a dilapidated former office building owned by his company. As the nearby city of Silivia fortified, Gabriel made a strategic connection with their government and began supplying weaponry to them. When the Global Union was established, he made a similar deal with its leaders. Slowly, Alchemilia Corporation became an omnipresent icon in the post-war world.

When Gabriel made the decision to return to the production of androids, he took control of and renovated a sea-locked factory in Port City. This factory, Remnant Rock, would slowly evolve into the dominant symbol of Alchemilia's might and of scientific progress. By 319 TP, it had become Gabriel's seat of power.

Searching for closure on his former friend, Gabriel tracked down Andrew's laboratory and discovered that Andrew had managed to create sentient androids capable of feeling human emotion. This concept would enrapture Gabriel throughout his life, as it was something he could never replicate. Unfortunately, Andrew had killed himself and destroyed his creations in a fire.

Centuries after the founding of Alchemilia Corporation, Gabriel met a young fleet officer in the Silivia Police Department named Wen Li. The two became fast friends, and when Gabriel established a prison in Remnant Rock, Li rose through the ranks in the company and became its first warden. When Li discovered the actions of the genetics department, however, he confronted Gabriel, who saw the unethical human experimentation they carried out as a necessary evil. Wen Li quit immediately and left the company for good.

Throughout the years, Gabriel entered into numerous short-lived romantic relationships and began to chronicle his life in a journal titled MEMOIRS. He slowly found that whenever the issue of pregnancy was brought up, he would abandon the relationship entirely. Eventually, he began using various aliases when engaging with women. Rather than leaving descendants behind, Gabriel preferred to have his work and his company exist as a legacy.

At an event hosted in Alchemilia's Silivia headquarters, Gabriel met the journalist Elena Anoethite. The two would develop a years-long romantic relationship that eventually culminated in the conception of a child. Though Gabriel had believed prior that he would be able to continue the relationship regardless, he ultimately left Elena and the child, the two never seeing each other again.


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