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Florence Carnation is a supporting character in The Demon's Light. A private investigator hired by the governor of Silivia, Florence joined the Search Party shortly after it formed.


Florence is a young man of average height and build, with unkempt blond hair and wispy facial hair. During Season Two, Florence wears a cornflower blue fedora and jacket, alongside a white shirt and black tie.


Prior to the confrontation in Crehambraugh, Florence behaved in a self-serving and cowardly manner. When confronted, he would attempt to bargain with his aggressor. Florence's primary motivation for searching for the Port City Eight was money.

After being accosted by the Svatovid members in the town's neighborhood watch, Florence took initiative and defended his allies. Later, he broke a stay-at-home order from the Global Union in order to reach the Port City Eight.


Florence Carnation was born in Silivia. After flunking out of the local police academy, a young Florence used the skills he'd learned to make a living as an investigative reporter. In this career, Florence often found himself using unorthodox and often illegal methods and clashing with authority on a regular basis. While his investigation skills were impressive, Florence's real talent was in questioning and manipulating individuals for information.

After losing his job with a Silivian paper and being blacklisted from the industry, Florence started a private detective agency. He became known for his subtle approach and his expertise became known to a candidate for governor, Theodore Rosington. Rosington utilized Florence's skills to find information on his political opponents, and after Rosington was elected, the two began a working relationship for the forseeable future. This culminated in Rosington hiring Florence to search for his son's associates.

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