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Euclid is a planet and the main setting of The Demon's Light. It consists of five distinct continents surrounded by an ocean. The regions are split into distinct landmarks known as Nuyö, Hala, Aiola, Muné, and Thales. It was created by the god Xeren. Euclid has a population of approximately 375 million humans. Prior to the war, Euclid was thriving, with 8.7 billion humans.


The regions of Euclid consist of the five continents and the cities across them.




The weather on this planet varies depending on what continent/region one is in.


Humans were the dominant species on Euclid prior to the Great War, where demons and angels from Eden invaded. The human population has been substantially reduced in most of the world, with certain exceptions. Hybrid species are uncommon, but not unheard of.

Other native animals include Catoraeom, Chicaro, and Leviathans. Native plants include Gladean Firs and Halan Birches.


  • The name Euclid comes from a Greek mathematician, often referred to as the "father of geometry". 
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