Eden is a mystical parallel universe and the original home of the angels and demons. Gabriel Alchemilia opened a portal to Eden, hoping to replace Xeren, since the former god had become a demonic-like being due to his son, Kaz. Not having very much knowledge of the inhabitants of Eden, Gabriel assumed he was bringing angels to Euclid that were like their mythical origins.

Territorial map of Eden


The Territory (Top)

Eden has 7 factions vying for control. There is the Demonic Coalition (Red), the Kingdom of Settengrad (Grey), the Ghorjiin Khanate (Brown), Gradsky Federation (Yellow), the Gorman Empire (Blue), Fahgesh (Pink), and the Merchant Republic of Socrosa (Green).

The Climate (Bottom)

Climate map of Eden

Eden is mainly dominated with plains, forests, and marshes (Green). In the far North of Eden lies the Frozen Deserts (Light Grey), but weather and climates like that are only in the North, not the South. The center of Eden is filled with hot and humid rainforests and other tropical environments (Lime). On the northern continent of Eden, known as Geropa, is the Death's Eye Volcano, which is said to erupt and cause world-destroying effects when "When three become one and one becomes All". Death's Eye is surrounded by a large lake of lava and magma, which is then surrounded by a mountain range which dwarfs in size compared to the volcano. On the southern continent of Marika is the large and dangerous Araha Desert (Yellow) which is said to have monsters roaming it at night.



Rokhold is the capital of the Demonic Coalition, and is extremely large, and is one of few major population centres of Geropa. Its size is so immense that is reaches all the way to the southern bay that leads to the mountain range of Death's Eye. The city itself has a large economy, mainly based on the production of weapons and manufactured goods which are sent to the frontlines, sold in the market, or sent to less developed areas of the Coalition. The weapon production business is so expansive that a quarter of the city is filled with forges and foundries. The size of the manufactured goods sector is also large, but pales in comparison to weapon production, taking up a fifth of the city's area.

Rokhold has an approximate population of 12 million Demons and Angels, with only around 500 Halflings due to the 'bigoted' views of several generals. It has a garrison of 800,000 troops, 500 of which being palace guards, 200,000 being official frontline soldiers either on leave or on ceremonial duties, and the remainder being reserve troops. The city is surrounded by 2 walls, which are covered with towers, cannons, and other defensive siege weapons.

The Palace is the largest building in the entire city, taking up approximately 50km2 and is 40m tall. It has 5 floors, the first of which being a reception and waiting area, as well as having a prison for temporary containment during transfer. The second floor is quarters for guards, palace staff, or minor guests such as company representatives or low-ranking military leaders. The third floor is manly taken up by an extravagant banquet hall, large enough to seat 150 people, as well as an almost equally large kitchen. The fourth floor is where the guest quarters of visiting generals are, who each have their own personally designed quarters, and the fourth floor is also home to the war room, where all of the generals and Lord Diamondback meet at least once a year to discuss battle plans and progress of ongoing campaigns. On the fifth and final floor is the residence of Lord Diamondback and his daughter Viper, as well as a private dining room for more informal occasions, and an observatory which gives a view of almost all of the inner city and parade grounds.

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